Recipe: Ceviche

Mon, 12/29/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
This Peruvian staple balances freshness and spice that creates a balanced, rich, and delicious dish. Serve alongside your side of choice such as lettuce or plantains and eat directly after preparation. Sometimes a twist of oregano, cilantro, and habanero is all you need to wa... Read more

Recipe: Poached Speckled Trout with Sweet Potatoes

Wed, 12/03/14
This month's recipe comes to us from Chef Joel Brown of Café Hope, a nonprofit culinary arts and life skills program for at-risk youth. Café Hope is currently the only seed-to-table restaurant on the Westbank and also offers a community garden that provides much of the produce... Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Pho

Thu, 11/13/14
When life brings you cold weather, whip up some warm and comforting Shrimp Pho! This Southern rendition of the Vietnamese classic soup features fresh herbs and just the right amount of spiciness that'll heat up your cold days. Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Cookin' Magazine. Read more

Recipe: Zapps-crusted Cobia with Garden Vegetable Hash

Wed, 10/15/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
This month we celebrate unexpected spices, a hearty meal, and some unworldly smoked tomato butter sauce. This recipe uses New Orleans famous Zapps chips to crust a fish fillet and is brilliantly complimented along side some fresh garden vegetable hash. Our Zapps-crusted Cobia ... Read more

Recipe: Apple Cider and Beer-Braised Pork Belly Over Scallion Pancake

Fri, 09/05/14
Have your meal the old fashion New Orleans way... put the booze in your food! This apple cider and beer-braised pork belly recipe comes to you from Chef Daniel Esses, 3 Muses, and Louisiana Cookin' Magazine. Read more

Recipe: Grilled Whole Bronzini

Sat, 08/02/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
This month, we bring you another great local recipe: Grilled Whole Bronzini from Chef Dustin Brien of Magazine Street's Salu. This light yet decadent entree will take your summer grilling to the next level. Read more

Recipe: Crab Calas with Rémoulade Sauce

Sun, 07/06/14
Calas are a kind of creole rice fritter (or, according to an old French recipe, beignets de riz) typically containing cooked rice, yeast, sugar, eggs, and flour; the savory version here, courtesy of Louisiana Cookin' magazine, omits the sugar, adds crabmeat, and leavens with b... Read more

Recipe: Ultimate Shrimp and Squash Casserole

Thu, 06/05/14
In this Ultimate Shrimp and Squash Casserole, summer produce and gulf shrimp are brought together and seasoned to mouthwatering effect. Thanks to Louisiana Cookin’ columnist Frank Davis for this concoction designed to highlight the bounty of the garden. Read more

Recipe: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Bisque with Cornbread Stuffed Shell

Mon, 05/12/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
A deep down full flavored Louisiana classic from our friends at Martinique Bistro. Like a gumbo, this soup tastes best in the days after it’s first been made when all the seasonings have time to meld and balance. A great dish for a casual gathering anytime! Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Cornbread

Fri, 04/04/14
What's better than some good ole fashioned cornbread? Cornbread with fresh jalapenos and shrimp that is! Cook up a batch of this traditional recipe from Brigsten's New Orleans restaurant to share with friends and family for a light treat but certainly not skimping on taste. Read more

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