Recipe: Chocolate Crémeux Tart

Sun, 04/14/24
The difference between chocolate mousse and the filling of this crémeux (trans. creamy) tart is that the latter doesn't contain whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and so has a denser, less airy consistency. Which makes it an excellent filling for a tart shell. The crust ... Read more

Recipe: Pan Con Tomate

Mon, 03/18/24
This month's recipe comes to us from Chef Kathryn Searcy at Costera, a coastal Spanish restaurant and bar on Prytania & Robert Sts. Pan Con Tomate is a classic tapa and makes simple & elegant appetizer/Happy Hour finger food. The list of ingredients is short and the techniq... Read more

Recipe: Moros y Cristianos

Wed, 02/14/24
Rice and beans are a staple in many cuisines, and they're perfect for Lent. This version comes to us from Executive Chef/Owner Melissa Araujo of Alma Cafe, a Honduran eatery on Louisa St in the Bywater. It's rather different from New Orleans red beans and rice, in that it u... Read more

Recipe: Chile Colorado

Tue, 01/02/24
Recipe: Chile Colorado  Or, more completely, "Carne con Chile Colorado," but we're refraining from anything that smacks of "Chile con carne", a name which over the years has been appropriated by the manufacturers of canned chili.  This version has a murky Tex-Mex history, ... Read more

Recipe: "Hot" Chocolate Cookies

Fri, 12/08/23
The combination of chocolate and chile (a pairing as old as the chocolate-chile drink that the Aztecs called xocolatl) makes these "cookies for grown-ups". Even if they're too intense for tender young palates, the combination of  chocolate richness plus chile heat is a high... Read more

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thu, 11/09/23
We've got a menu's worth of Thanksgiving recipes, for your dining pleasure. Many of them, while traditional, are just a little bit different, like Kermit Ruffins' Barbecue Smoked Turkey, Cranberry-Jalapeño-Lime Salsa, Day-After-Thanksgiving Turkey & Sausage Gumbo, or Pumpki... Read more

Recipe: Pastalaya

Fri, 10/13/23
Though not really traditional, pastalaya is a cool variation on jambalaya, with pasta instead of rice. Like jambalaya, it's perfect for tailgaters, parades, potlucks, and any time you want a one-pan meal. The only trick is getting the pasta cooked in minimal liquid, so that... Read more

Recipe: Mushroom Campanelle

Sun, 09/03/23
Located on Magazine Street a couple of blocks above Napoleon, Osteria Lupo showcases Northern Italian cuisine. Here's their recipe for Mushroom Campanelle, a version of mushroom ragu. It's vegetarian, and made with fresh pasta and a variety of fresh mushrooms. "Osteria Lupo... Read more

Recipe: Marinated Shrimp

Mon, 08/07/23
One of the best things about marinated shrimp (AKA "pickled shrimp" in low country Carolina parlance): what little cooking they require can be done well ahead of mealtime when the kitchen is cool. They're good in the refrigerator for a week, ready to add to salads, pasta, o... Read more

Recipe: No-Churn Espresso Ice Cream

Fri, 07/07/23
This is a surprisingly simple (& seasonally appropriate!!) way to make ice cream from scratch without an ice cream maker.  All you need is blender, a loaf pan, and a freezer. And you could use a mixer rather than a blender if you prefer.  The churning action in an ice cream... Read more

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