Recipe: Crab Calas with Rémoulade Sauce

Sun, 07/06/14
Calas are a kind of creole rice fritter (or, according to an old French recipe, beignets de riz) typically containing cooked rice, yeast, sugar, eggs, and flour; the savory version here, courtesy of Louisiana Cookin' magazine, omits the sugar, adds crabmeat, and leavens with b... Read more

Recipe: Ultimate Shrimp and Squash Casserole

Thu, 06/05/14
In this Ultimate Shrimp and Squash Casserole, summer produce and gulf shrimp are brought together and seasoned to mouthwatering effect. Thanks to Louisiana Cookin’ columnist Frank Davis for this concoction designed to highlight the bounty of the garden. Read more

Recipe: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Bisque with Cornbread Stuffed Shell

Mon, 05/12/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
A deep down full flavored Louisiana classic from our friends at Martinique Bistro. Like a gumbo, this soup tastes best in the days after it’s first been made when all the seasonings have time to meld and balance. A great dish for a casual gathering anytime! Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Cornbread

Fri, 04/04/14
What's better than some good ole fashioned cornbread? Cornbread with fresh jalapenos and shrimp that is! Cook up a batch of this traditional recipe from Brigsten's New Orleans restaurant to share with friends and family for a light treat but certainly not skimping on taste. Read more

Recipe: Crawfish, Spinach, and Zucchini Bisque

Mon, 03/10/14
Crawfish are making their return this upcoming season! Try 'em like you've never had 'em with this creamy and delicious bisque. Recipe Courtesy of Louisiana Cookin' Magazine. Read more

Recipe: King Cake with Cream Cheese Cinnamon Filling

Sun, 02/09/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
Here in New Orleans we know how to incorporate food into just about anything and Mardi Gras is surely no exception. Dressed up in green, yellow, and purple, King Cakes not only are a tasty tradition, they symbolize the history of Mardi Gras, the Twelfth Night celebrations, and... Read more

Recipe: Preserved Lemon Risotto & Market Fish

Thu, 01/09/14
Authored by Danielle Dietze
This month's recipe comes from Langlois Culinary Crosscroads. Chef and owner Amy Cyrex Sins writes: The dish is perfect for this time of year because it bridges the winter and spring seasons. We’re currently in citrus season, but the produce has to be picked before it gets hit... Read more

Recipe: Christmas Turkey with Cornbread-Andouille Stuffing

Mon, 12/09/13
It's Christmas time down the bayou! Get ready for the holiday season with this recipe courtesy of Chef Matt Murphy and The Ritz-Carlton of New Orleans. Read more

Recipe: The Ultimate Fried Chicken

Thu, 11/14/13
Fried chicken hits a special part in our southern hearts and now you can make it right in the comfort of your own home! Read more

Recipe: Autumn Harvest Chowder

Fri, 10/11/13
Authored by Danielle Dietze
While chowder is traditionally a seafood or vegetable soup, Michelle's rendition embraces autumn with squash, sweet potatoes, and garnishes it all off with a little bacon. This savory chowder is simple to make and arranges flavors that will keep your stomach happy and warm wi... Read more

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