Brass Pass - This is How We Do Jazz Fest

Sales of Brass Passes have been temporarily suspended, pending details on the rescheduling of Jazz Fest to Fall 2020 due to COVID-19.
If you already purchased a Brass Pass for 2020, please stand by: we'll be in touch with you soon via email.



A WWOZ Brass Pass is your ticket to 8 days of Jazz Fest and comes with the following benefits:

  • Brass Pass purchasers will have access to a dedicated admission line at two entrances-- Sauvage and Gentilly! Security checks will be in place for all Jazz Fest attendees.
  • Brass Passes allow you same-day re-entry to Jazz Fest, unlike regular Jazz Fest tickets.
  • Brass Passes are fully transferable. A different person can use the pass each day of the Fest.
  • Brass Passes grant you access to tables & chairs, shade, fruit, iced coffee, misters and separate bathrooms in the WWOZ Hospitality Tent. See the NOTE below on new Hospitality Tent access rules.
  • You'll also have access to WiFi and device recharging stations.
  • Your Brass Pass purchase comes with a full year's WWOZ membership and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the station so we can keep bringing the music and culture of New Orleans to the Universe.

NOTE: Only Brass Pass holders may gain entry to the WWOZ Hospitality Tent. In order to ensure a safe, quality experience in the Hospitality Tent, we can no longer admit "plus one" guests. However, children 10 & under can enter the WWOZ hospitality tent with a Brass Pass Holder.


Tent panorama

Panoramic view of the Hospitality Tent at Jazz Fest.



More Brass Pass Info:

Picking Up Your Brass Pass


How To Use Your Brass Pass


Hospitality Tent Photos

See what the Hospitality Tent from the inside with these photos:

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