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Why I Am A WWOZ Member: Here's My Story, What's Yours?

Sat, 10/12/19
"First and foremost it’s the Music, and WWOZ is and always has been about Discovery, Protection, and Perpetuation of our Musical Culture.  ‘Oz is not just providing us access to the richest history of music on this continent but also walking us parallel with and keeping us ... Read more

It's the last day of the WWOZ Fall Membership Drive - Get in here!

Fri, 10/11/19
Authored by Carrie Booher
"A photograph means many different things: for some, it simply captures a moment in time, but for others, it is a form of artistry. For musicians, it’s content that can get them to the next gig or create a portfolio of work that they’ve done. "WWOZ, unlike any other statio... Read more

What are you made of?

Thu, 10/10/19
Authored by Slangston Hughes
"When I think of WWOZ, I think of two words that are synonymous with our city and have been carefully woven into our culture over many many years, 'community' and 'music.'" "The latter's a little more obvious, with 'OZ being a radio station and New Orleans being known as t... Read more

A match made in heaven

Wed, 10/09/19
Authored by Carmen Conner Post
"The beautiful thing about WWOZ is the sense of community that it fosters.  That is what I find amazing about this radio station.  "While we broadcast music that is mostly indigenous to Louisiana, it’s amazing to see people from around the world being brought together by s... Read more

Welcome to our galaxy

Tue, 10/08/19
Authored by Maryse Déjean
I had no idea that an accidental turn of the dial in the early 1990’s would completely change my life! That serendipitous event turned me into an avid listener of WWOZ, and then to an off-air volunteer, an on-air sub, then a full-fledged show host and, finally, a full time ... Read more

It's Time to Get In Where You Fit In

Sun, 10/06/19
Authored by Scott Borne
"Way before I ever became a show host or Music Director at WWOZ, I was a listener. That magical feeling of getting introduced to music I had never heard before was a huge piece of what attracted me to the station initially, and I have always tried to keep that idea front an... Read more

Peggy Lou doesn't do computers. So she wrote you this note.

Sun, 10/06/19
"We wished on The Harvest Moon that somewhere in the theater of your mind you will care about us as much as we truly care about you. I came to New Orleans to learn and love and it turned out to be better than homemade ice cream on a hot summer day... "Forever and always gi... Read more

'80s Shortwave Flashback

Sun, 10/06/19
Authored by Jorge Fuentes
"I found WWOZ back in the late eighties, playing with a short wave radio I kept in my room. I was first attracted to the sounds coming from stations from around the world, and then realized that I could get the same feeling from the music that played on this local station: ... Read more

WWOZ: A Constant Guide and Companion

Sun, 10/06/19
"Everyday I am thankful for WWOZ, a constant companion and guide as I continue to discover, understand, and honor the roots of New Orleans culture through the sounds and stories of her rich musical history. "As Assistant Video Director of WWOZ I am honored to be part of a t... Read more

Photo highlights from WWOZ's Groove Gala 2019

Fri, 09/06/19
Wow! A huge thank you to the hundreds of Guardians of the Groove who came out to show their support for WWOZ at our second annual Groove Gala! Held at Tableau and Le Petit Theatre on Thursday, September 5, 2019, the evening was a whirlwind of amazing music, delicious food a... Read more

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