Member Thank You Gifts


Some of our current gifts for memberships.


WWOZ is only alive and kickin' thanks to the generous support of you, our family of members. Enjoy the Thank You Gifts below, or choose to put 100% of your donation to support the station - either way you have our gratitude!

A couple of notes:
--The gifts pictured below are for new members beginning Oct 3, 2019, the beginning of our Fall Drive.
--Krewe of Roux member gifts won't be shipped until 5 monthly payments have been received.

Membership Levels and Gifts

All Members:
Discount Card & Bumper Sticker

Trumpet Level: $70 one time or $6/month
Ball Cap

Saxophone Level: $100 one time or $8/month

Trombone Level: $120 one time or $10/month
CD No. 47

Tuba Level: $150 one time or $12.50/month
T-shirt and Ball Cap

Snare Drum Level: $240 one time or $20/month
Booney Hat and Long Sleeve Pullover

Bass Drum Level : $360 one time or $30/month

NOLA Flag Bearer Level:$504 one time or $42/month
Festival Pack (T-shirt, Ball cap, BackPack, Picnic Blanket and Water Bottle)

Treehouse Level: $1,000 one time or $84/month
Retro Vinyl Record Player OR reclining Festival Chair


Compilation CD No. 47, We Live

Our latest compilation CD, We Live, is filled with acts recorded live by WWOZ, both in our studio and at events around New Orleans.

» CD-47 sample audio clips

» See past live compilation CDs

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WWOZ Ball Cap


Blue ball cap with the WWOZ logo in bright orange.


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Tee shirt


WWOZ tee shirt in orange with blue logo, sizes S-5XL.


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60-inch WWOZ Umbrella


Umbrella in blue and orange .


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Long Sleeve Pullover


Long sleeves, with WWOZ logo.


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Booney Hat


Booney hat with WWOZ logo.


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Festival Pack


Festival Pack, which includes T-shirt, Ball cap, Backpack, Picnic Blanket and Water Bottle.


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WWOZ Retro Vinyl Record Player


Play your vinyl on this great retro record player

This item will not be shipped until after November of 2019.

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WWOZ Festival Chair


Relax in the great outdoors in the privacy of your own back yard or your favorite festival! This royal blue chair features 2 can holders and its own carrying case.


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All Members Get...

Discount Card & Bumper Sticker

For all donations $40 and up. Get great deals from local businesses.

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