Member Thank You Gifts


46-inch WWOZ umbrella at $20/month level

WWOZ is only alive and kickin' thanks to the generous support of you, our family of members. Enjoy the Thank You Gifts below, or choose to put 100% of your donation to support the station - either way you have our gratitude!

NOTE: The 35th Commemorative Earbuds and Umbrella (see below) are items that you will not find anywhere else. As such, these special items will be take a little longer to arrive to your door. We anticipate these items to begin shipping in December of 2016. Thank you for your support and we can not wait to see you out at festivals with them!


Spring 2017 Membership Levels and Gifts

All Members: Discount Card & Bumper Sticker

At $6/month or $70 one-time:
35th Year Commemorative Earbuds

At $10/month or $120 one-time:
Compilation CD #45, Back in the House

At $20/month or $240 one-time:
35th Year Commemorative Earbuds and 46" Umbrella, Compilation CD #45

At $30/month or $360 one-time:
Mug, 35th Year Commemorative Earbuds, 46" Umbrella, Compilation CD #45

At $42/month or $504 one-time:
Power Bank, Speaker, 35th Year Commemorative Earbuds, 46" Umbrella, and Compilation CD #45


Compilation CD No. 45, Back in the House

Our latest compilation CD, Back in the House, is filled with acts recorded live by WWOZ, at WWOZ during recent pledge drives. Note: starting with 2017, we'll only be releasing one CD per calendar year.

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WWOZ Flashlight Power Bank


This beautiful torch style LED flashlight power bank, with 'OZ logos, has multifunction benefits - like charging a phone - and a great design. The surface is glossy with a diamond texture.


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Ceramic Mason Jar WWOZ Mug


Drink your favorite beverages in style with this Ceramic Mason Jar WWOZ Mug.


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WWOZ Umbrella


Stay dry, and keep someone else dry too, with this big old 'OZ umbrella.


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Ear Buds


Keep the sounds of New Orleans flowing into your day with these earbuds.


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Fill up the room - wherever you are - with WWOZ and all your other favorite tunes.


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All Members Get...

Discount Card & Bumper Sticker

For all donations $40 and up. Get great deals from local businesses.

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