RECIPE: Cranberry-Jalapeño-Lime Salsa

Sun, 11/13/22
This dish is a fresh take on traditional holiday cranberries. It's a grown-up upgrade from the can of jellied stuff (which some of us still love, regardless).  Make this the night before, at least. It really helps for the flavors to blend together for a little while. And a... Read more

Recipe: Green Curry Shrimp

Mon, 09/19/22
This is a Thai-style curry made with green curry paste, which you can make yourself (recipe below) or buy in store.  The recipe calls for canned coconut milk, which is widely available in the Asian (and Latin) sections of grocery stores. If you've never used it, you'll fin... Read more

Recipe: Blackened Shrimp

Sat, 07/09/22
This is a quick & easy shrimp treatment. It makes awesome shrimp tacos or shrimp salads, and it's great even with just some simple white rice. Or serve on toothpicks as a spicy hors d'oeuvre.  You could make it even easier by purchasing pre-made blackening seasoning, of wh... Read more

Recipe: Cheese Grits Soufflé

Mon, 06/13/22
This recipe is an unusual combination of European haute cuisine (soufflé) and an earthy Southern staple (grits). It's hearty and vegetarian, and it screams "brunch." It's also pretty easy--grits create structure, so it's less finicky than cheese or chocolate soufflés. A ver... Read more

Recipe: Roasted Tomato Soup from Mexico

Mon, 05/16/22
 Just in time for Creole tomato season, this summer soup is excellent served at room temp. The recipe employs a technique from Oaxaca, Mexico, griddle roasting, to develop deep flavors. The soup is vegan (unless you use chicken broth instead of vegetable). It's pretty spicy... Read more

Recipe: Grandma's Strawberry Shortcake

Tue, 04/12/22
Strawberry shortcake is so fundamentally good that it turns out fine even if you use store-bought cakes (or sliced sponge cake), frozen strawberries, and canned whipped cream. (That's also a kid-friendly version for young chefs!) This version, which uses fresh seasonal stra... Read more

Recipes: Pie Collection

Sun, 03/20/22
In honor of "Pi Day" (which happens every year on March 14, or 3.14), we thought you might enjoy this collection of "Pie" recipes. Because in times like these, we all need more pie! Lemon Meringue Pie (recipe by Walter Wolfman Washington!): Read more

Recipe: Sticky Rib Tips

Fri, 01/07/22
A two-fer this month: a recipe for sticky rib tips and another for the accompanying jalapeno jelly, both from Chef Brian Landry at the Bayou Bar in the Pontchartrain Hotel. This might be the first time a dish from a music venue covered by our Livewire Music Calendar has app... Read more

Recipe: Pumpkin Chiffon Pie 

Tue, 11/02/21
Here's a way to be true to holiday tradition (it's a pumpkin pie!), while upping your holiday pie game with something different.  Per, Wikipedia: "A chiffon pie is a type of pie that consists of a special type of airy filling in a crust. The filling is typically produced by... Read more

Manhattan-style Fish Chowder

Wed, 10/20/21
This recipe puts a Louisiana twist on tomato-based Manhattan-style chowder (in contrast with creamy "New England" style) with the trinity, cayenne, and your favorite kind of firm white fleshed Louisiana fish, like trout, red snapper, red fish, even tilapia in a pinch. Add s... Read more

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