WWOZ Tricentennial Music Moments

In 2018, New Orleans is celebrating 300 years. In honor of this milestone, we're featuring Tricentennial Music Moments, on-air and online, all year long. Learn more about the stories and people that have shaped the Crescent City.

Funky Butt Hall: Tricentennial Music Moment

Sat, 01/20/18
In the middle of New Orleans, there’s a green space on Perdido Street, beside Duncan Plaza. No marker, just some parked cars. But about a hundred years ago, it was the site of one of the most important moments in jazz history. Read more

Charity Hospital: Tricentennial Music Moment

Mon, 01/15/18
Charity Hospital: "Where The Unusual Occurs and Miracles Happen" In 1735, soon after New Orleans was founded, a dying French merchant named Jean Louis established an endowment in the city for what became the legendary Charity Hospital. Charity opened its doors at Chartres a... Read more

Danny Barker: Tricentennial Music Moment

Wed, 01/10/18
Danny Barker is one of the great icons of New Orleans. He was a guitarist and banjoist, historian, composer, bandleader, sideman, teacher, mentor, and much more. There's so much to say about Danny Barker that it's easy to forget his actual music... Read more

Yvonne Busch: WWOZ New Orleans Tricentennial Music Moment

Thu, 01/04/18
Yvonne Busch was one of the most important and influential New Orleans musicians, even though she was never a household name. A child prodigy and performer, she made a choice to change direction and teach in public schools -- and changed the lives of thousands. Read more

'If Ever I Cease To Love': WWOZ New Orleans Tricentennial Moment

Tue, 01/02/18
There’s a song that’s been heard every Mardi Gras since 1872. Originally it didn’t have anything to do with New Orleans -- it was actually written by an English comedian. Read more

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