Mardi Gras Indians

August: Patrice Gordon

Thu, 08/06/15
  Big Queen Patrice's 7th Ward neighborhood family were mostly members of the Creole Osceola, led by Big Chief Clarence "Delco" Dalcour. Patrice began sewing at age 8, helping her sister make a suit. She joined the Creole Osceolas and demonstrated the seriousness of purpose... Read more

July: Pauline 'Ree' Johnson

Tue, 07/07/15
  Pauline "Queen Ree" Johnson has masked for 36 years. In 1977, her brother, David "Lightning" Johnson, who was flag boy for the Wild Magnolias, introduced her to "Lil Walter" Cook, Big Chief of the Creole Wild West gang. Queen Ree sewed her first suit and made her Mardi Gr... Read more

June: Gina Montana

Tue, 06/09/15
 Gina Montana, Big Queen of the Yellow Pocahontas, grew up in a family and community rich with unique culture and tradition.  Gina's passion to mask Indian arose in the 1990s. With the guiding hand of Big Chief Tootie Montana, her second cousin and "Chief of Chiefs," she le... Read more

May: Ausettua Amor Amenkum

Tue, 05/19/15
 Ausettua Amor Amenkum was led by the quest for knowledge, interest in African retention in African-American cultural expressions, and social and cultural activism to participate in the Black Indian masking culture. She masked with Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr until his dea... Read more

April: Laurita Barras Dollis

Tue, 04/14/15
 Laurita Barras Dollis, Big Queen of the Wild Magnolias Black Indian Tribe for over twenty years, is the widow of legendary Big Chief Bo Dollis.   Big Queen Laurita explains the process of making a suit: "You have to be focused, want it, love what you're doing from the hear... Read more

March: Queen Rita Johnson

Fri, 03/20/15
 Rita Johnson has masked as a Mardi Gras Indian Queen for 60 years. Johnson's participation in the Mardi Gras Indian culture is driven by her commitment to celebrate and continue the tradition and by her creativity, which she expresses through visual arts. Johnson began mas... Read more

January: Littdell "Queen Bee" Banister

Mon, 01/26/15
 Tribal Queen Littdell “Queen Bee” Banister, the senior actively masking Queen, is dedicated to the Black Indian tradition. After starting her six-year-old son Honey on the Indian path, she joined the Creole Wild West. Together they have sewn and masked for the past forty-t... Read more

December Mardi Gras Indian Queen Interview: Malon McGee

Thu, 01/15/15
2015 is the year of the Mardi Gras Indian Queen in New Orleans, and WWOZ and the Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame are partnering to bring you a rare look inside this unique New Orleans Tradition, interviewing a different Mardi Gras Indian Queen every month. In the final edition,... Read more

In Memoriam: Second Chief Brian Baptiste

Fri, 05/30/14
Second Chief Brian Baptiste of the Golden Star Hunters has passed away. Read more

In Memoriam: Big Chief Curtis "Suga" Williams, Sr.

Fri, 05/30/14
Big Chief Curtis "Suga" Williams, Sr. of the Cheyenne Hunters has passed away. Read more

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