Mardi Gras Indians

In Memoriam: "Miss Teen" Augustine Germaine Lewis

Wed, 04/07/21
In 2017, the Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame collaborated with WWOZ to record an oral history with "Miss Teen" (Augustine Germaine Lewis), who was Spy Girl with the Cheyenne Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans in the 1940s and 1950s. Miss Teen passed in March 2021. Here are so... Read more

Video: Big Chief Dump with Young Maasai Hunters 2018

Tue, 03/30/21
Big Chief Dump (Keelian Boyd, Sr.) died Sunday of heart failure. He was 37. In 2018, WWOZ was on hand as he stepped out as Big Chief with his own tribe, Young Maasai Hunters, for the first time. WWOZ sends our best wishes to his family and friends at this difficult time. Read more

Video: Big Chief David Montana and Washitaw Nation

Fri, 03/19/21
It's St. Joseph's Day in New Orleans and the night of March 19 has, for more than a century, meant that Black Masking Indians step out in neighborhoods across the city to participate in rituals with long histories. The trials and tribulations of making a new Indian suit for... Read more

St. Joseph's Night

Sun, 03/14/21
Traditionally, on St. Joseph's Night, the Black Masking Indians of New Orleans are out in the neighborhoods across the city participating in rituals with long histories. The spirit of St. Joseph's Night lives on this year. Below is video from St. Joseph's Night 2019, as mul... Read more

Interview: Chief Eric B. of Monogram Hunters

Mon, 02/15/21
This week on Takin' It To The Streets, Chief Eric B. of the Monogram Hunters talks to Action Jackson about loved ones lost during the pandemic, how his suit incorporates Rhastafarian culture, his latest musical project, and more. Hear it all in the player below: Read more

Interview: Spy Boy Tim Washington

Sat, 02/13/21
This week on Takin' It To The Streets, Spy Boy Tim Washington gets on the phone with Action Jackson to discuss encountering the White Eagles and Black Eagles on Orleans Avenue as a child, how meetings of Indians came to be, the legacy of Big Chief Tootie Montana, what he fe... Read more

Big Chief Tootie Montana Day

Tue, 12/29/20
Celebrate Big Chief Tootie Montana Day 3:30pm sharp. Meet outside St. Augustine Catholic Church for formal blessing of the Tambourines by Fr. Emmanuel (Black Masking Indians welcome to bring their tambourines) 4:15pm. Meet in Armstrong Park at Tootie Montana's statue for a... Read more

All Saints Day

Tue, 10/27/20
At 3pm on Sunday, November 1, Backstreet Cultural Museum will be hosting a special program to help us grieve the loss of so many people this year and celebrate the lives of friends and family who have passed on to the ancestral realm. Tributes are planned to the founder and... Read more

Interview: Big Chief Bo Dollis, Jr. and Big Queen Laurita Dollis

Sun, 10/25/20
This week on Takin' It To The Streets, Action Jackson is joined on the phone by Big Chief Bo Dollis Jr. and Big Queen Laurita Dollis of the Wild Magnolias. They discuss the intricate process of making suits, the role signals play when they parade, the huge impact Big Chief ... Read more

Interview: Maroon Queen Cherice Harrison-Nelson

Sun, 10/11/20
This week on Takin' It To The Streets, Maroon Queen Cherice Harrison-Nelson talks to Action Jackson about how the culture has helped her deal with depression, the steps that were taken to give a Counsel Chief Joseph Jenkins a proper sendoff amid the pandemic, and much more.... Read more

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