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"Food, Food, and More Food"

Mon, 08/16/10
Authored by George Ingmire
This week, we highlight some of the amazing cuisine of the Crescent City while enjoying some music about food, so please bring open ears and an appetite. Our dishes include Holly’s Tamales, Shrimp and Grits, and a red beans recipe by Tee Eva. We'll also listen to music by S... Read more

Brother Dege- Rides Through the Storm- Friday the 13th Blues Breakdown

Fri, 08/13/10
Post Millennial Tension via Folk Forms. A hard row to hoe. Bittersweet guitar pleads for mercy. Brother Dege represents the the modern primitive backlash against the madness and angst of the 21st century. In a country where the jails are full, and the soul is being drained... Read more

Housemade Macaroni with Cheddar Velouté and Pulled Pork

Thu, 08/12/10
Courtesy of Chef Todd Pulsinelli, American Sector, New Orleans. If you like the recipe, then check out Louisiana Cookin' magazine. Subscribe with the promotion code wwoz2010, and they'll donate $5 to WWOZ. Read more

Sound Clash

Thu, 08/12/10
Authored by Allan "Alski" Laskey
The Rhythm Room presents SOUND CLASH Tune in Friday, August 20th from 10-12 pm for the debut of a new series that will pair off two Crescent City selectors in a friendly battle of musical minds as they spar to keep your toes tappin' and your head snappin'. First up on the... Read more

Jazz from The French Market - in Vinyl!

Wed, 08/11/10
Authored by Your Friend
Elizabeth Meneray and Your Cousin Dimitri tag team on Thursday, August 12 starting at 4 pm (New Orleans time) to play the best in contemporary jazz for you...in vinyl only! Join us for that hot, warm, groovy sound in 33 rpm's, just the way yer daddy liked it. Read more

All Vinyl - New Orleans Music Show

Wed, 08/11/10
Authored by George Ingmire
What's your vinyl story? For me, it was visits to the record store on the weekend. With my allowance and a few extra dollars subsidized by my nana Ingmire, I searched the bins for vinyl like someone on a treasure hunt. Years later, I'd abandoned records for the less subs... Read more

Magic Moment from Frenchy

Mon, 08/09/10

I'm Back!

Mon, 08/09/10
Authored by Charles Burchell
Please join me at 4 p.m. CDT for "Jazz from The French Market." I've been gone for seven weeks and really missed doing the show. But thanks to Jeff Greenberg, who very ably put together some top notch shows in my stead, I was able to hear jazz like I like it by way of Oz's ... Read more

"Maple Leaf Bar"

Thu, 08/05/10
Authored by George Ingmire
On today’s show, we check out the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street in Uptown New Orleans. Throughout the years, poets, piano players and propagators of funk have made the Maple Leaf their home away from home. We'll hear some live music from Maple Leaf regulars Papa Grows Funk ... Read more

Yesterday's Amazing Broadcasts at WWOZ

Wed, 08/04/10
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
Wow! Yesterday was WWOZ at it's best. As I traveled the last leg of a grueling 1,200 mile trip to Baltimore yesterday, I was accompanied by a beautiful hitchhiker - the WWOZ Iphone application.  A hitchhiker who told amazing stories and played great music in the form of ... Read more

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