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'OZone Email Newsletter for August, 2011

Thu, 08/25/11
Dear Listener, In an interesting change of pace I’ve been asked to share a few thoughts to warm you up to the latest OZone. Here goes.   In the thirteen plus years that I’ve been with WWOZ I’ve seen the station grow in ways that I never imagined possible. Once upon a time we... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for July, 2011

Wed, 07/20/11
Dear Listener, The common wisdom is that New Orleans goes into a deep sleep once summer sets in. But you wouldn’t know it if you had been down on Frenchman Street on a regular old Saturday night in July, smack dab in the middle of our presumed estivation! From one end of t... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for June, 2011

Wed, 06/22/11
Dear Listener, Did you hear the WWOZ live broadcast of Roy Hargrove from the National Mall, on Sunday, June 12? It was part of WWOZ's incredible live coverage of the DC Jazz Fest, which also included a live performance the night before by Bobby McFerrin and the Afro Blue Re... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for May, 2011

Wed, 05/18/11
Dear Listener,Jazz Fest is like the Kentucky Derby of WWOZ's festival season, and we were proud to spread the music of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival far beyond the Fairgrounds racetrack with our live simulcast carried by dozens of stations nationwide, including K... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for April, 2011

Wed, 04/20/11
Dear Listener,The moon is foole and Aprill hath al the floures perced to the roote. Just a few days ago, French Quarter Fest pulsed powerful with good feelings and today the weather remains glorious. Treme prepares for a new round of Simonizing and excitement in the clubs i... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for March, 2011

Fri, 03/11/11
Dear Listener, What a celebration this year's Mardi Gras has been for WWOZ! And there are so many other great things in store for the station. But after all this joyous celebration, a proverbial Lent and ashes. Right in the middle of all the good stuff happening for 'OZ,... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for February, 2011

Thu, 02/17/11
Dear Listener,"The Green Room is smoking and the Plaza burning down..."It's Carnival Time and 'OZ's definitely in the 'Zone. We're fixin' to debut our very own Mardi Gras float this year! Coming to a neighborhood near you, in some of the season's most festivious parades tha... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for January, 2011

Fri, 01/21/11
Dear Listener,Last week, the Jazz Education Network (JEN) held its annual conference in New Orleans. In his keynote speech, Representative John Conyers unveiled the outlines of a new National Jazz Initiative, calling for legislation to provide for the preservation of jazz a... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for December, 2010

Mon, 12/20/10
Dear Listener,For the past 30 years, when we were lighting candles on WWOZ’s birthday cake, we’ve also been lighting candles to Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. And every year, we say a prayer--a prayer of gratitude for all of you who have supported WWOZ through th... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for November, 2010

Mon, 11/22/10
As we approach this season of celebration, let us pause in remembrance.A couple weeks ago musicians including Dave Bartholomew, Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Deacon John and Wendell Brunious delivered a heart-rending series of performances and eulogies to a small cadre of family an... Read more

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