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"There's this cat called Booker, and he can play some piano" - Allen Toussaint on how he first heard of James Booker.

Mon, 12/13/10
Authored by David Kunian
As we do annually on the Kitchen Sink and late lamented Jazz Lunatique around this time of year. James Booker - 2 hours - Kitchen Sink December 14 at 10 PM And in the spirit of James Booker, a report from Deep Cough on the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2010. I know how you're cl... Read more

Sound Clash Pt. 2

Sun, 12/05/10
Authored by Allan "Alski" Laskey
Join us Fri. Dec. 10 for Pt. 2 of the ongoing series Soundclash. Brice Nice will be joining Alski in a friendly musical cutting contest. Soul, gospel, reggae, funk and ?. Pretty much anything with a groove. Read more

Celebrating the Big 70 of Dr. John

Fri, 12/03/10
Authored by David Kunian
Alright!Alright! Alroute! Alreet!In celebration of Dr. John's 70th birthday last November 21, the Tone Scientists and Mad Programmers of the Kitchen Sink will be playing 2 hours of the Night Tripper this Tuesday, 12/7/10. We'll play some of the classics, but mainly on th... Read more

Atom Bomb

Mon, 11/29/10
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
Listen to an archive streaming version of this show at: http://www.prx.org/pieces/56642-radiation-s-or-was-that-radio-station-s-annivers    Blog post on this show is at: http://www.wwoz.org/node/100834   On December 2nd, 1942 that romantic rascal, Enrico Fermi, is under the g... Read more

Wait for it.....or NOT! TENTH annual XXXXXXXmas Xtravaganza

Sun, 11/07/10
Authored by Missy Bowen
Tenth annual XXXXXXmas XXXXXtravaganza from 7-10 pm December 23. Plan now to be far, far away from your radio. I can't believe I'm actually scheduling this. Can't even think about having done this for 10 years. It's all Dr. Black Mold's fault. Maybe we can lure him on ... Read more

Lloyd Price Visits Billy Delle on Records from the Crypt

Tue, 10/19/10
Authored by Mike Kobrin
On Wednesday, October 20, "Mr. Personality" Lloyd Price will visit Billy Delle at WWOZ at around 7 p.m. Price is a legendary New Orleans-based R&B singer whose hit "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" brought him national fame in 1952. Read more

"Cure for the Crash" Promo Show

Thu, 09/23/10
Authored by Sam Cammarata
In the upcoming weeks, Your Insomniac Blues Show will be informing listeners of a Locally Produced/Directed Feature Film en-titled "Cure for the Crash". Stay Tuned to this Blog for information about the Feature Film Screened during the New Orleans Film Festival October 16th... Read more

John Scofield Visits "Jazz from the French Market"

Mon, 09/20/10
Authored by Mike Kobrin
Guitarist John Scofield will visit WWOZ at 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 21 to chat with T.R. Johnson on Jazz from the French Market. Catch Sco' with the Piety Street Band (Jon Cleary, George Porter Jr., & Terence Higgins) this Saturday at Tipitina's. Read more

Why we returned

Sat, 08/28/10
Authored by Your Cousin Dimitri
This Sunday, on a certain 5 year anniversary, we will spend very little time reflecting on why most of us had to leave. Instead, we will focus on the reasons that the vast majority of us returned. Join us for two hours of acoustic blues, authentic country and American folk ... Read more

Herman Leonard radio tribute/documentary

Mon, 08/16/10
Authored by George Ingmire
Tune into the New Orleans Music Show, this Wednesday - August 18th, 11am to 2pm, as we celebrate and remember the life and work of Herman Leonard. The program will include interview excerpts from "Life is a One Way Ticket" (see below) and music of the artists that Herman L... Read more

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