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The end of the world.

Sat, 07/23/11
Authored by Your Cousin Dimitri
According to my own personal calculations, the word will end on Saturday night at midnight. Tune in to WWOZ for the soundtrack, including Radiohead, Johnny Cash and The Blind Boys. Find out if it ends with a bang or a whimper. Read more

Sound Clash Summer Edition

Tue, 07/19/11
Authored by Allan "Alski" Laskey
Join Brice Nice and Alski for the summer edition of Sound Clash. Cool grooves for hot times. Read more

Burn K-Doe Burn and Ms. Antoinette too! Wednesday Night June 29th on the Kitchen Sink Ten to Twelve Show (10pm to 12am)

Mon, 06/27/11
Join us Wednesday night June 29th from 10:00 p.m. to midnight as we celebrate the lives of Ernie and Ms. Antoinette K-Doe. With the 4th of July and Ernie K-Doe Day approaching we want to remember Ernie and Ms. Antoinette on the upcoming anniversary of Ernie's passing into i... Read more

Help! I'm Stuck in the Studio.

Sun, 05/22/11
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
While previewing Louisiana's new history and biology textbook I ran into .... http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/outreach/tracts/may21/  Unfortunately, with the end-of-the-world scheduled just before my Saturday midnight shift, it makes it hard to plan the program.   I'm a bit... Read more

Searching for the Soul of JazzFest

Sat, 05/07/11
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
The great musicians can conjure their muse in any situation. They can withstand commercialism, hubris and changing times. Listeners with great ears can also hear the artistry in any situation. Read more


Tue, 04/19/11
Authored by David Kunian
In honor of the late great Don "Big Moose" Jamison and in honor of everyone celebrating Easter and any excuse to play this is a good one... The Tone Scientists and Sound Chemists and Vibration Physicists of the Kitchen Sink will bring you the epic avant garde free jazz s... Read more

Sound Clash Round 4

Mon, 04/18/11
Authored by Allan "Alski" Laskey
The judges are still declaring a draw so join Brice Nice and Alski in the ring for round 4. As always the only rule is staying in the groove . Read more

Celebrating St. Aug's Jazz Musicians

Mon, 04/04/11
Authored by Jelly Roll Justice
On Thursday, April 21st, Jelly Roll Justice will have as special guests on "Jazz From the Market", the great jazz educator Mr. Carl Blouin, Sr. and one of his former students, trumpeter extraordinaire Leroy Jones. Precisely sixty years ago St. Augustine High School was esta... Read more

50 years of AFO!

Mon, 04/04/11
Authored by David Kunian
This next Kitchen Sink show on Tuesday, home of the Spacetime and other assorted esoteric wisdom and cosmic tones for mental therapy, will celebrate the 50 years of All For One Records! 50 years! Longer than Motown. We'll be playing the work of AFO from the past, present,... Read more

Mating Parade

Sat, 04/02/11
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
Mating Parade  It's a recurring fantasy in so many songs.   A parade of romances passing through your life.  Autobiographical for me?  Nope.  I recall girls fleeing from me and bruises from being poked with a ten-foot pole.    Perhaps autobiographical for musicians?  Maybe ... Read more

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