Jazz Fest Time Capsules

Jazz Fest Time Capsules: Jazz Fest celebrates its 50th birthday.

The Cubes: Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule

Sun, 03/24/19
The real fun begins when the Cubes come out. The Cubes are day-to-day schedules for which musicians are playing on which stages, and exactly when. Find out more about their history in this Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule, as narrated by Harry Shearer. Read more

Stevie Wonder: Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule

Thu, 03/21/19
Jazz Fest has been focused on New Orleans music and heritage from its start in 1970. But there are a number of national acts who fit right in at the festival -- and Stevie Wonder is one of them. Read more

The Poster: Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule

Wed, 03/06/19
Find out more about the history of the festival's longest-running collector's item on this WWOZ Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule. Read more

Jazz Fest Stands By Haiti: Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule

Fri, 01/25/19
Jazz Fest’s Cultural Exchange Pavilion was established in 1996 to honor New Orleans' cultural ancestry. In 2011, the Cultural Exchange put a spotlight on our sister country in the Caribbean, Haiti. It was the year after a devastating earthquake struck the country, and Jazz ... Read more

The Closing Slot: Jazz Fest at 50 Time Capsule

Wed, 01/09/19
The closing slot on the final day at Jazz Fest has always been a sacred moment. Days of music, food, and crafts culminate in one high profile set from a quintessential New Orleans artist. Learn more about three of the artists who have held this honored time slot, and how it... Read more

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