Street Talk: Remember the Upstairs Lounge

Sun, 01/25/09
Authored by Julia Botero
Reporter Julia Botero looks back at the Upstairs Lounge tragedy that galvanized the local gay community. "Remember the Upstairs Lounge" is a heartfelt memorial by New Orleans artist Skylar Fein. Read more

Baba Blankets Comes to New Orleans

Sat, 12/20/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Animata Brown first started traveling to West Africa when she was 19 years old. Growing up African American in California, she wanted to experience African cultures in a real, authentic way. Over the years, Animata lived in Senegal and Ghana, and she kept returning, for West A... Read more

Ashé: Making Things Happen for 10 Years

Sat, 12/13/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Ten years ago, Douglas Redd and Carol Bebelle founded the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, and in so doing, created a home for emerging and established artists to present, create and collaborate in giving life to their art. Read more

YA/YA Turns Twenty

Sun, 11/23/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Twenty years ago, visual artist Jana Napoli began working with Rabouin High School's commercial art teacher Madeleine Neske to create YA/YA: Young Aspirations/Young Artists. Together and with others, they created an art program grounded in the belief that, given the proper too... Read more

Holding Out & Hanging On

Thu, 06/05/08
Words cannot adequately convey the human dimension of the devastation wreaked on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Thomas Neff’s photographs can. As a volunteer in the city in the early days after the flood, this Baton Rouge photographer witnessed first-hand the confusion ... Read more

The Woman Behind the Signs

Mon, 04/21/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Since 1985, Nan Parati has handmade every artist sign for Jazz Fest — not to mention every craft sign and food price sign. Meet the woman whose artwork you already know, and whose handwriting just may make you feel like dancing. Read more

Art in Action

Thu, 11/29/07
Authored by Eve Abrams
New Orleans visual artist Elizabeth Underwood started Art in Action a year ago as a means of reconnecting with her city and her people. Art in Action believes that the creative process can provide a way to heal from trauma, in addition to offering a bit of beauty and surpr... Read more

Central City's Neighborhood Gallery Left Homeless

Fri, 06/30/06
Authored by Eve Troeh
The sidewalk in front of the Neighborhood Gallery was full of seven years of stuff last week. There were pianos, a jukebox, clothes, mod vintage chairs, knick-knacks, 75 matching seats from the theater, and, inside, every painting on the wall at must-go prices. Sandra Berry... Read more

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