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'OZone Email Newsletter for February, 2011

Thu, 02/17/11
Dear Listener,"The Green Room is smoking and the Plaza burning down..."It's Carnival Time and 'OZ's definitely in the 'Zone. We're fixin' to debut our very own Mardi Gras float this year! Coming to a neighborhood near you, in some of the season's most festivious parades tha... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for January, 2011

Fri, 01/21/11
Dear Listener,Last week, the Jazz Education Network (JEN) held its annual conference in New Orleans. In his keynote speech, Representative John Conyers unveiled the outlines of a new National Jazz Initiative, calling for legislation to provide for the preservation of jazz a... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for December, 2010

Mon, 12/20/10
Dear Listener,For the past 30 years, when we were lighting candles on WWOZ’s birthday cake, we’ve also been lighting candles to Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. And every year, we say a prayer--a prayer of gratitude for all of you who have supported WWOZ through th... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for November, 2010

Mon, 11/22/10
As we approach this season of celebration, let us pause in remembrance.A couple weeks ago musicians including Dave Bartholomew, Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Deacon John and Wendell Brunious delivered a heart-rending series of performances and eulogies to a small cadre of family an... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for October, 2010

Wed, 10/20/10
Dear Listener, Congratulations to all of our listeners who helped us slam it out of the park during the 2010 Fall Membership drive. While our local support continues to grow, the headline this year is the steady growth in our out-of-town membership—currently north of 48% ... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for September, 2010

Mon, 09/13/10
Dear Listener, I just renewed my membership online. I didn't intend to -- I usually wait for the Membership Drive, which is just around the corner (September 30 through October 7). I like to pledge when there's someone on air doing something uber-cool, whether it's a show... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for August, 2010

Tue, 08/17/10
Dear Listener, August in New Orleans... It's a time when the entire French Quarter-scape seems to melt in the sticky blur of wavy air. Steam rises from the water troughs set out to provide comfort to the sweltering mules hauling tourist-laden carriages—the tourists themse... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for July, 2010

Wed, 07/14/10
Dear Listener, Wouldn't it be cool if...? July is planning month at WWOZ, and there seems to be no end to the exciting ideas swirling about. Did you ever wish there was something that 'OZ could be doing but hasn't gotten around to yet? If you've got ideas about web site ... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for June, 2010

Thu, 06/17/10
Dear Listener, WWOZ’s Gulf Aid benefit concert for our devastated coastal community last month sparked a cascade of similar local events, like Jonathan Ferrara Gallery's Gulf Aid Art exhibition (June 17-19). You can also download “It Ain’t My Fault” by the Gulf Aid AllSta... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for May, 2010

Wed, 05/19/10
Dear Listener, Just days after Big Plume began gushing in the Gulf, I knew we couldn't wait for the insurance checks like we did after Katrina. Driven by horrific visions of our wildlife and wetlands encased in oily muck, I got producer Steve Rehage and Mardi Gras World's... Read more

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