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Fall 2011 Membership Drive Highlights

Voodoo Music Experience 2011

'OZ Broadcasts Chubby Carrier Live from El Sido's in Lafayette

Wolfman, Dumpstaphunk & Stooges Broadcast on Nov. 5

Eric Ward: Volunteer of the Month

Shrimp Stew

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Dear Listener,

Fall is in the air and WWOZ is fresh on the heels of yet another spell-binding, highly successful On-Air Membership Drive. Thank you one and all—volunteers, staff, local musicians who worked so very hard to make it work. And especially to our listener-supporters, who responded magnificently to the call.

It brings to mind a visit to the station during our most recent “Rent Party” from Paromita Saha, a contributing editor to Blues Matters, the award-winning music periodical published in Wales. The magazine recently published a three-page feature on WWOZ, interviewing some of our aforementioned volunteers, staff and local musicians.

Perhaps one quote from the article provides an insight as to why our on-air fundraising is so much fun and oh-so magical: “Because our chief funding source is listeners, we treat them with respect as peers and adventurers in the discovery of our city’s treasures. We believe there is a degree of loyalty and trust that the WWOZ audience has for the station. We wouldn’t trade that for every last ounce of the type of fool’s gold being minted by commercial broadcasters.”

Yours in MOMs balls and market stalls,

David Freedman

David Freedman
General Manager

Fall 2011 Membership Drive Highlights

We sang, we danced, we conquered! Thanks to all of our new and renewing members for making this drive a success. With 2,312 members, we beat our membership drive from this time last year by 400 members. Looking for your membership gifts? Don't worry, "the gift is in the mail."

Check out our photos and thank yous to show hosts, volunteers and food donors on the drive highlights page. And remember all the awesome things and music that happened on (and off) the air.

» Photos and thanks to you

Ratty Scurvics at the drive

Ratty Scurvis came in to perform twice during the drive to help support the station.
Photo by Jennifer Leslie

Voodoo Music Experience 2011 Halloween Weekend

Big Sam at Voodoo 2010

We're amped at 'OZ to be broadcasting live from Voodoo again this year, and we'll bring you all our favorite music from the WWOZ/Bud Light stage. Particularly exciting to us at 'OZ is the great mash-ups of local bands playing together, and national acts sitting in with some of our favorite New Orleanians throughout the festival. Get excited for acts like: The Soul Rebels with Cyril Neville, Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes with the Lost Bayou Ramblers, Ani DiFranco with Ivan Neville and Herlin Riley, and BeauSoleil with Dr. Michael White, just to name a few.

Stay tuned as we announce our live broadcast line-up and check out the Voodoo Music Experience website.

»More details about the experience

Swamp Shop

'OZ Broadcasts Chubby Carrier Live from El Sido's in Lafayette on Nov. 3

As part of our work with Let's Be Totally Clear, we're broadcasting a smoke-free performance of Grammy Award winning Chubby Carrier, live from El Sido's Zydeco and Blues Club in Lafayette. Chubby's father passed away from lung cancer, and El Sido's is one stop on his "Breathing Easy Tour 2011."

Big news for Alexandria, LA musicians: The Alexandria City Council unanimously passed legislation to ban smoking in bars, which means musicians playing at venues are going to be tooting and drumming in crystal clear air. 

» Details about the Live Broadcast

Chubby Carrier

Chubby Carrier
Photo courtesy of Chubby's website

NOJHF Grants Bywater Mirliton Festival

Wolfman, Dumpstaphunk & Stooges Broadcast on Nov. 5

Walter Wolfman Washington

Walter "Wolfman" Washington at the Fall 2011 pledge drive.
Photo by Danielle Small

'OZ fans Courtney Katzenstein and Jon McHugh have more than friendship and their love of 'OZ in common, they are also both Scorpios. What's that mean for our listeners? Jon and Courtney have graciously offered to let us broadcast their birthday party, featuring Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk and the Stooges Brass Band. Courtney has also made 'OZ her charity of choice and requests for gifts to be in the form of donations to the station. So thank you, and happy birthday to Courtney and Jon!

» Live broadcast details

» Find out about unique ways you can support the station

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Eric Ward: Volunteer of the Month

Eric has been a Front Desk Ambassador since he started volunteering at the station in March, 2011. Sharp, versatile, and, as the French would be quick to say, "sympathique," he has quickly familiarized himself with the inner workings of the station. He now lends a competent and efficient hand in just about every area of station operations. Eric has given so much and so generously of his time that it is startling to hear him say that he has gotten so much back! He says, “Volunteering at WWOZ has exceeded my expectations!” 

» All Eric, All Month Long


Eric Ward

Volunteer Eric Ward with Black Wolf Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Big Chief Nelson Lewis and Little Chief Brian Washington.
Photo by Catherine King

Po Boy Fest French Market Photo Contest

Shrimp Stew

Shrimp Stew

A little bit of love for gumbo-eaters, a little love for the seafood fans.
Photo courtesy of Louisiana Cookin'

Some homemade seafood stock, a roux, some okra and shrimp, what's there not to love? It's a little gumbo-y, served atop rice, but we're not judging, we'll just be at the table ready to consume two, or six, bowls of it. It's practically Fall in Louisiana, why not dig into something cozy and hot? If you like the recipe, then visit Louisiana Cookin' magazine. Subscribe with the promotion code wwoz2011, and they'll donate $5 to WWOZ.

» See this month's recipe


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