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'OZone Email Newsletter for July, 2008

Tue, 07/15/08
Dear Listener, It's mid-summer and the station finds itself a-bustle with growth. We're bombarded by a bevy of engineers, volunteers and constructioneers building out offices and production areas at 'OZ central. This is a physical testimony to our new, long-term lease at ... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for June, 2008

Sun, 06/15/08
Dear Listener, We used to have a calendar, but now we use a map. A cycle that now turns furiously faster and further than ever on the wheels of our two mobile broadcast trucks — whirling non-stop from the Bayou Boogaloo to the Telluride Jazz Celebration, from the Creole T... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for March, 2007

Thu, 03/15/07
A Letter from WWOZ General Manager David Freedman Spring has sprung in the Crescent City, and our Spring on-air membership drive begins Monday morning! You can help us get a head start on our goal by making your pledge now. Everyone who pledges by March 18 will receive a co... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for July, 2007

Sun, 07/15/07
Dear Guardian of the Groove, Summertime and the living is easy. I hope this 'OZone finds you creating a memorable Summer of 2007 and letting WWOZ provide the soundtrack. Things are busy at the station, in spite of the rising temperatures and humidity! Included in this ... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for May, 2007

Tue, 05/15/07
Dear Guardian of the Groove, We've been busy here at 'OZ since last I wrote to you! Thanks to you and your fellow Guardians of the Groove, we completed another very successful Spring fund drive. Once again, you and your fellow listeners heeded the call and provided the r... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for December, 2007

Sat, 12/15/07
Seasons Greetings! 2007 has been a very good year for WWOZ. I hope it's been a good year for you, too. Bright moments for WWOZ this year include: The partnership we forged with the Library of Congress and the Grammy Foundation to preserve our thousands of hours of live... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for April, 2008

Tue, 04/15/08
Dear Listener, The more experienced among us advise the novices to begin serious training in February or mid-March at the latest. Each week you should shorten your sleep schedule by one hour, so that by the time you hit Jazz Fest, all-nighters will come naturally. We've g... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for May, 2008

Thu, 05/15/08
Dear Listener, It used to be that after the first weekend in May, everyone at WWOZ would fall directly into estivation mode — another way of saying that, after our 10-day frenzy of Jazz Festivities, we would crash and burn as the city quietly went about the business of put... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for January, 2008

Tue, 01/15/08
Dear Listener, Every which way you look, winter this year wants to be spring — it’s warm enough that I’m still buying fresh Louisiana strawberries in the grocery. The Phorty Phunny Phellows took their street car ride — which means Mardi Gras has already started. And ‘OZ... Read more

'OZone Email Newsletter for February, 2008

Fri, 02/15/08
A Valentine From WWOZ We thought about what WWOZ would be like without our wonderful listeners and supporters. You are the reason we get out of bed to come into the studio on cold and rainy mornings. You are the ones we think about when we sit down at Jazz Fest to inter... Read more

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