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Hello, this is a test email.

Your picture has you eating pizza while operating the broadcast board. Are you being subversive?

got me up an d moving by myself at the house. love the verb

meant verve


Thank you for this powerful and righteous show you are doing, and the statement you are making. I share your outrage on this dark day.

In '89, I rode a bus from RI to DC to take part in the massive march for women's reproductive rights, in advance of the SCOTUS decision on Webster. They ignored us then, and now have done so again. But this time they will not get away with it.

I was a volunteer for several years at CARAL (Cali chapter of NARAL). We fought the erosion of Roe, but I naively thought, back then, that Roe would never fall in my lifetime. Eyes wide open now. We will come back and win this war once again.

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