Eric Lindell

Wed, 08/23/23
Eric Lindell is a Bay Area, California resident and blue-eyed soul guitarist who is an honorary New Orleanian after spending a few years in the Crescent City and embedding himself in the local blues scene. He is an internationally-respected blues artist, and performs with a... Read more

Brother Tyrone

Wed, 08/23/23
Brother Tyrone, also known as Tyrone Pollard, is, in the words of one reviewer, “old school cool.” The veteran crooner, always impeccably turned out, combines vintage soul sensibilities with classic numbers, such as his heart-breaking rendition of “You Don’t Miss Your Water... Read more

The Iguanas

Wed, 08/23/23
The Iguanas blend the sounds and rhythms of the Crescent City’s signature blues, jazz, and R & B with the region’s heavy Caribbean and Latin musical influences to create an infectious and unique sound. The roots rock band, formed in 1989, includes Rod Hodges, Joe Cabral, Re... Read more

Paul Sanchez

Tue, 08/22/23
Paul Sanchez is a songwriting, guitar-toting master of the New Orleans creative scene. He is a founding member of Cowboy Mouth; leader of his own jalopy-like ensemble, the Rolling Road Show; a collaborator in myriad groups, notably the Write Brothers (with Spencer Bohren, J... Read more

Gal Holiday & The Honky Tonk Revue

Thu, 08/17/23
Gal Holiday & The Honky Tonk Revue were at the forefront of New Orleans’ developing country and swing scene when they formed back in 2004. Powered up front by Vanessa Niemann’s masterful vocals and impeccable stage presence, the band remains a top dancehall favorite. Nieman... Read more

Chucky C & Friends

Thu, 08/17/23
Chucky C and The Clearly Blue Band (or Chucky C and Friends) is an electrifying group of musicians performing blues and jazz music straight from New Orleans. The band’s musical talent combined with Chucky C’s enthusiastic, infectious personality makes every performance an u... Read more

Billy Iuso

Mon, 08/14/23
New Orleans-based guitarist-singer-songwriter is a New York native who formed the funky, psychedelic guitar-fronted, jam funk pioneers Brides of Jesus in the early ‘90s. They quickly developed a strong following in the "Wetlands scene" in downtown Manhattan alongside Warren... Read more

Margie Perez

Mon, 08/14/23
Margie Perez is a talented singer, songwriter, and bandleader whose innate kindness and love for music inflects every performance. Perez offers a versatile blend of Latin, blues, and contemporary pop tunes in her repertoire, all shaded with New Orleans rhythmic energy. Pere... Read more


Tue, 08/08/23

The Quickening

Tue, 08/08/23

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