WWOZ Spring 2016 Membership Wrap-up

To everyone who participated in our Spring Membership Drive 2016 - Thank you!

While it's never too late to become an official 'OZillian and WWOZ member, our Spring 2016 pledge party is in the books. It was a wonderful 11 days here at the station, and the membership staff  extends thanks to the many volunteers, musicians, food donors, photographers, and 'OZ staff members who made it happen. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our groovy hearts!

Herlin RileyMusicians: Luke Winslow King, Trapper Keeper, Shotgun Jazz Band, Red Wolf Brass Band, John Gros, Greg Schatz, Barry Stephenson, Martin Luther King Charter School brass band, the 504 Experience, and Amina Figarova, Evan Christopher, Pinettes Brass Band, Meschiya Lake & the Little Big Horns, Soul Brass Band, Little Freddie King, Steve Malinowski, Swamp Kitchen, the King Pins, Cole Williams Band, Irma Thomas, Jesse McBride, FAST, Frank Oxley, Johnny Sansone, Herlin Riley, Joe Lastie, James Andrews.

Food Donations: Belle’s Diner, Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant, Café Amelie Crabby Jack's, Croissant D’Or Patisserie, Del Fuego Taqueria, Dreamy Weenies, Fresh Market The Joint, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Kentwood Water, La Boulangerie, Loretta’s Authentic Pralines, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Mimi’s in the Marigny, Mona Lisa, Mulate’s Restaurant, Nirvana, New Orleans Cake Café & Bakery, New Orleans Ice Cream Company, Nirvana Indian Cuisine, Ocean Grill, Pagoda Cafe, Parkway Bakery & Tavern, Red Gravy, Reginelli’s Pizzeria, Saucy’s BBQ, Splendid Pig/Elysian Seafood, Stein's Market and Deli , St. James Cheese Company, and Whole Foods.

If you're a restauranteur who'd like to donate food for a future drive, contact rick@wwoz.org.


Show hosts & pitchersShow Hosts & Pitchers: Stuart Hall (Jennifer Brady), Leslie Cooper (Stacey Morigeau), Ms. Smalls (AJ Rodrigue), Marc Stone (Lisa Williford), T.R. Johnson (Scott Borne), Neil Pellegrin (Jivin' Gene), Rick Wilkof (Veronica Cromwell), Olivia Greene (Jorge Fuentes), George Ingmire (Stu), Big D (Dave M), Sondra Bibb (Dr. Miller), Rare on the Air (Bob Murret), Scott Borne (Stuart Hall), Sally Young (Ron Phillips), Nita Ketner (Action Jackson and Mel), Johnny Woodstock (Pamela Wood), Al Colon (Noel Waggener), Missy Bowen (Jerry Lenaz), Raymond Kent (Grace Wilson), Keith Hill (Leslie Cooper), Bill DeTurk (Lisa Williford), Problem Child (Pearl), Vin Chary (Lintz), Black Mold (Russell Shelton), Peter Kastl (Leslie Cooper), Chef Matt (Melanie Merz), Yolanda Estrada (Ariana Hall), Dean Ellis, Suzanne Corley (Maz Ulrike), Brice Nice (Noel W), DJ Soul Sister (Pearl), Lauren Mastrogiavani (Ron Phillips), Hazel the Delta Rambler (Old Man River), Charles Laborde/Jim Hobbs, Dimitri Apessos (Jerry Lenaz), Elizabeth Meneray (Leslie Cooper), Kathleen Lee (Stacey Morigeau), Eugene (Andrea Foreman), Russell (Old Man River), Dan Meyer (Elaina Thompson), Murf Reeves (Cole Williams), Andrew Grafe (AJ Roderigues), Maryse Dejean (Ms Maz Ulrike), Gentilly Jr. (Jennifer Brady), Sondra Bibb (Scott Borne), Rare on the Air (D'Shada with Tommy Lyons), Johnny Woodstock (Elaina Thompson), Black Mold (Scott Borne).

Phone BankPhone Bank Volunteers: Kelley Anderson, Carol Badilla, Ted Barrows, Mary Ann Bischoff, Tommy Boehm, Elaine Boos, Danielle Bradley, Allison Burbank, Michelle Bushey, John Caulkins, Joanne Cole, Reshell Cummings, Stacey Cunningham, Frances Davis, Susan Del Guidice, Melissa DeOrazio, Mike Dill, Ame Flynn, Michel Gagnier, Summer Gebhart, Melissa Gemeinhardt, Jeff Grippe, Liz Grippe, Léa Grzywacz, Mark Grzywacz, Arlene Hines, Louis Holmes, Stacey Kmetyk, James Knier, Trixie Levins, Michael Liuzza, Michael Mastrogiovanni, Anita Mayeux, Shawn Mayeux, Michael McAndrew, Ron McKay, Laura Nemeth, Brian Opert, Ebony Parker, Gerry Puchalski, Dennis Raymond, Evelyn Raymond, John Redick, Jules Richelson, Dan Ring, Gabe Salvatore, Bill Sasser, Paul Schoen, Karen Scott, Lisa Smallwood, Gabriel Trabucco, Sissy Wiggin, Evelyn William-Gomez, Christopher Williams, Cole Williams, Osh Williamson, Oisin Williamson.

Photographers: Kichea Burt, Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Bill Sasser, Marc PoKempner, Eli Mergel, Leona Strassberg Steiner, Charlie Steiner.

We have some fabulous photo slideshows from each day of the membership drive, which you can find in each day's highlights. Down below you'll find a gallery of highlights for the whole drive; check 'em out!

Drive Highlights by Day: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Past Membership Drives-
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Highlight slide show:

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