WWOZ Spring 2015 Membership Wrap-up


WWOZ Members Matter!


Spring Membership Drive 2015 - Thank you!

It's never too late to become an official 'OZillian and WWOZ member, but our Spring 2015 pledge party is in the books. It was a wonderful 11 days here at the station, and the membership staff (Crystal Gross, Lauren Del Rio, Melanie Merz, Dimitri Apessos and Duane Williams) extends thanks to the many volunteers, musicians, food donors, photographers, and 'OZ staff members who made it happen. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our groovy hearts!

George and IrmaMusicians: Kid Merv, Margie Perez, Nigel Hall, and James Singleton & Rex Gregory, Pfister Sisters, the Tin Men, Chip Wilson, the Brad Walker Quintet, Roamin' Jasmine, Kenny Terry Jazz Band, Mississippi Rail Company, Bill Summers, Panorama Jazz Band, Dwayne Dopsie, Guitar Slim, Jr., Solar Strut, Jose Fermin Ceballos, Chegadao, Mardi Gras Indians Hall of Fame All Stars, Deacon John, Norbert Slama, New Breed Brass Band, Thelonious Monk Institute/NOCCA Jazz Band, Jayna Morgan, Steam Cog Orchestra, Davell Crawford, Stanton Moore Trio, Debbie Davis & Josh Paxton, Snake & the Charmers and Jon Cleary, Louis Ford, Landry Walker High's the Chosen Ones Brass Band, Treme Brass Band, Alvin Youngblood Heart, and Kermit Ruffins.

Food Donations:


Show hosts & pitchersShow Hosts & Pitchers: Mark LeMaire & Your Cousin Dimitri, Leslie Cooper & Stacy Morigeau, Danielle Small & Michael Dominici, Mark Stone & Lisa Williford, T.R. Johnson & Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, David Kunian & Andrew Grafe, K. Balewa & Crystal Gross, Oliva Greene & Suzanne Roberge, George Ingmire & Old Man River, Big D & Leslie Cooper, Al Colon & Russell Shelton, Rare on the Air & Lauren Del Rio, AJ & AA, Scott Born & Stuart Hall, Sally Young & Ron Phillips, Nita Ketner & Action Jackson, Johnny Woodstock, Jelly Roll Justice & Reid Wick, Missy Bowen & Jerry, Brian McColgan & Dimitri & Pearl, Raymond Kent & Leslie Cooper, Keith Hill & Al Colon, Black Mold & Scott Borne, the Problem Child & Dimitri, Vin & Lintz, Black Mold & Chessa Rae, Alski & Stuart Hall, Peter Kastl & Julie, Music from the Glen & Melanie Merz, Yolanda Estrada, Dean Ellis & Suzanne Corley, Suzanne Corley & Crystal Gross, Brice Nice & Noel, Soul Sister & Linda Santi, Lauren Mastrogiavani & Ron Phillips, Hazel the Delta Rambler & Old Man River, Charles Laborde/Jim Hobbs, Cousin Dimitri & Jerry, Elizabeth Meneray, Kathleen Lee & Stacey, Eugene Thomas & Andrea, Russell Shelton & Veronica, Dan Meyer & Dan Fitzgerald, Murf Reeves & Elizabeth O'Neill, Andrew Grafe & David Kunian, Maryse Dejean & Father Ron, Gentilly Jr & Dimitri, Governer's Mansion & Pearl, Mark Lemaire & Brian Boyles, Leslie Cooper & Old Man River, Danielle Smalls & Michael Dominici, Marc Stone & Lisa Williford, T. R. Johnson & Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, David Kunian & AJ, K. Balewa & Crystal Gross, Olivia Greene & Russell Shelton, George Ingmire & Stu, Big D & Father Ron, Sondra Bibb & Scott Borne, Rare on the Air & Lauren Del Rio, AJ & AA, Scott Borne & Stacey, Sally Young & Veronica Cromwell, Nita Ketner & Russell Shelton, David Torkanowsky & Leslie Cooper, Jelly Roll Justice &Lintz, Leslie Cooper & Liz O'Neil, Brian McColgan & Jerry, Raymond Kent & Natalia, Keith Hill & Old Man River, Bill De Turk & Lauren Del Rio, Problem Child & Cousin Dimitri, Vin Chary & Russell Shelton.

Phone BankPhone Bank Volunteers: Austin Alexander, Austin Allen, Chris Antonucci, Carol Badilla, James Baus, Chris Beattie, Mary Ann Bischoff, Tom Boehm, Elaine Boos, Jennifer Brady, Allison Burbank, Kate Burgun, Michelle Bushey, John Calkins, Pam Colbert, Rich Colbert, Joanne Cole, Clay Colton, David Dauterive, Frances Davis, Charlie Denard, Matt Devitt, Mike Dill, Linda Flores de Leon, Ame Flynn, Lou Frierson, Michael Gagnier, Summer Gebhart, Mark Grzywacz, Laura Hibbitts, Arlene Hines, Raleigh Hoke, Louis Holmes, Patricia Hood, MJ, Joan Judycki, Stan Kinetyk, Pam Legge, April Leigh, Trixie Levens, Laura Lodato, Keith Magruder, Norma Jean Marcom, Doug Marshall, Melissa Marshall, Linda Mauskopf, Shawn Mayeux, Mike McAndrew, Ron McKay, Michelle Miller, Andrew Monson, Jimmy Morrissey, Rachel Niccolosi, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Natasha Noordhoff, Elizabeth O'Neil, Brooke Paulus, Daniel Perniciarf, Michael Poteet, Joe Plummer, Gina Rand, John Redick, Jules Richelson, Mike Roberson, Bob Rodrigue, Linda Santi, Dennis Schiably, Karen Scott, Julie Scholar, Eshyah Selig, Jana Smith, LaWanda Smith, Marta Welden, Sissy Wiggin, Sarah Willey, Chris Williams, Cole Williams.

Photographers: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Kichea S. Burt, Leona Strassberg Steiner, Marc PoKempner, Bill Sasser, Dale Gunnoe, and Dave Ankers.

We have some fabulous photo slideshows from each day of the membership drive. Down below you'll find a gallery of highlights for the whole drive; check 'em out!

Drive Highlights by Day:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11


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Highlight slide show

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