WWOZ Spring 2014 Membership Wrap-up


WWOZ Members Matter!


Fall Membership Drive 2014 - Thank you!

It's never too late to become an official 'OZillian and WWOZ member, but our Fall 2013 pledge party has wrapped up. It was a wonderful 11 days here at the station, and the membership staff (Crystal Gross, Lauren Del Rio, Lindsey Darnell, Melanie Merz and Dimitri Apessos) extends thanks to the many volunteers, musicians, food donors, photographers, and 'OZ staff members who made it happen. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our syncopated hearts!

Mario AbneyMusicians: Cha Wa, Mia Borders, Peter Harris Sextet, The Dukes of Dixieland, Alex McMurray, Los Po-Boy-Citos, Irma Thomas & Davell Crawford, Wess Warmdaddy Anderson, Hot 8 Brass Band, Jimmy Robinson, Vali Talbot, Caballeros del Son, Hellen Gillet, The Small Batch String Band, Bruce Daigrepont, Tank and the Bangas, Mississippi Rail Company, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Red Wolf Brass Band, Cordell Chambliss, Red DeVecca, Barbara Short, Micheal Bacon, Richard Hunter, Mario Abney Effect, Jayna Morgan & the Sazerac Sunrise Jazz Band, Big Daddy O, Naughty Professor, Maggie Koerner, John Warren, Bill Doolittle, Ricky Sebastian, Smokey Greenwell, Tom McDermott, Toshitaki "Z2" Tsuji, Alexy Marti, Evan Christopher, Robert Walter, Bill Summers, Jeff Greenberg, Shannon Powell (with Charlie Gabriel, Mark Braud, David Torkanowsky, and David Berard), The Tin Men, Big Sam's Funky Nation.

Food Donations:


Show hosts and pitchersShow Hosts & Pitchers:Jukebox Jack & Grace Wilson, Zach Young & Stacey Morigeau, Danielle Smalls & Duane Williams, Lisa Williford & Margie Perez, T.R. Johnson & Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin, K. Balewa & Crystal Gross, Olivia Greene & Melanie Merz, George Ingmire & Robin Pennell, Big D & Christy Carney, Maryse Dejean & Mikayla Braun, Rare on the Air & Tommy Lyons, Lauren Del Rio and Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, AJ & AA., Scott Borne & Stuart Hall, Sally Young & Eric Ward, Nita Ketner & Russell Shelton, David Torkanowsky & Jack Lyles, Jelly Roll Justice & Reid Wick and Jules Richelson, Missy Bowen & Jerry Lenaz, Brian McColgan & Eric Ward, Raymond Kent & Grace Wilson, Leslie Cooper & Melanie Merz, Bill DeTurk & Lauren Del Rio, Valerie "The Problem Child" Kacprzak & Your Cousin Dimitri, Vin & Duane Williams, Black Mold and Chessa, Stuat Hall, Peter Kastl & Crystal Gross, Sean O'Meara and Matt Murphy & Melanie Merz, Yolanda Estrada & Jorge Fuentes, Suzanne Corley & Jorge Fuentes, Brice Nice & Duane Williams & Truth Universal, Soul Sister, Peggy Lou & Stuart Hall, Lauren Mastrogiavani & Ron Phillips, Hazel & Stacy Morigeau, Charles Laborde and Jim Hobbs, Your Cousin Dimitri & Jim Fitzmorris and Jerry Lenaz and Gal Holiday, Elizabeth Meneray, Kathleen Lee & Leslie Cooper, Eugene & Duane Williams, Joel Dinerstein & Bob Rodrigue, Dan Meyer & Leslie Cooper, Murf Reeves & Mikayla Braun, Andrew Grafe & Scott Borne, Sondra Bibb & Russell Shelton, Gentilly Jr. & Margie Perez and Your Cousin Dimitri, Mark Lemaire & Brian Boyles, Zach Young & Suzanne Roberge, Danielle Small & Andrew Ward, Danielle Dietze & Stuart Hall, T.R. Johnson & Eric Ward, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, K. Balewa & Crystal Gross, Olivia Greene & Suzanne Roberge, George Ingmire & Mikayla Braun, Big D & Jordan Stuart, Maryse Dejean & Rick Wilkof, Rare on the Air & Tommmy Lyons, Lauren Del Rio and Deacon John, Scott Borne & Eric Ward, Leslie Cooper & Renee Dode, Ron Phillips & Andrew Ward, David Torkanowsky & Jack Lyles, Jelly Roll Justice & Stacey Morigeau, Missy Bowen & Jerry Lenaz, Brian McColgan & Leslie Cooper, Raymond Kent & Grace Wilson, Keith Hill & Robin Pennell, Black Mold & Scott Borne.

Phone BankPhone Bank Volunteers: Austin Allen, Lisa Bacques, Carol Badilla, Chris Beattie, Mary Ann Bischoff, Jennifer Brady, Judy Bruyn, Therese Carter, Christine Clouatre, Rich Colbert, Leslie Cooper, Susan Del Guidice, Mat Devitt, Mike Dill, Al Emmendorfer, Kristen Essig, Marianne Franz, Michael Franz, Summer Gebhart, Mark Grzywacz, Dale Gunnoe, Monique Hamilton, Kasimu Harris, Verdell Heisser, Arlene Hines, Louis Holmes, Tricia Keffer, James Knier, Pamela Legge, Trixie Levins, Eliza Llewellyn, Doug Marshall, Melissa Marshall, Mike Mcandrew, Ron McKay, Jimmy Morrissey, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Tom O'Brien, Maureen O'Brien, Julie O'Day, Nicholas Perez-Alva, Carmen Post, Georgia Rhody, Suzanne Roberge, Bob Rodrigue, Beth Robinson, Cathie Ruggiero, Denise Sassone, Marci Schramm, Ginger Schweikert, Karen Scott, Rebecca Sell, Claire Thomas, John Titsworth, Jessica Watts, Lisa White, Julie Weiss, Sissy Wiggins, Duane Williams, Seran Williams.

PhotographersPhotographers: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Dave Ankers, Kichea S. Burt, L Kasimu Harris.

We have some fabulous photo slideshows from each day of the membership drive. Down below you'll find a gallery of highlights check 'em out!




Drive Highlights by Day:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11


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Highlight slide show

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