WWOZ Spring 2014 Membership Wrap-up


WWOZ Members Matter!


Spring Membership Drive 2014 - Thank you!

It's never too late to become an official 'OZillian and WWOZ member, but our Spring 2014 pledge party is in the books. It was a wonderful 11 days here at the station, and the membership staff (Crystal Gross, Lauren Del Rio, Melanie Merz, Dimitri Apessos and Duane Williams) extends thanks to the many volunteers, musicians, food donors, photographers, and 'OZ staff members who made it happen. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our groovy hearts!

Maggie KoernerMusicians: Groovesect, Los Otros, Dave Ferrato, Larry Sieberth, Tuba Skinny, Johnny Sansone, Shannon Powell, Magnetic Ear, the Palmetto Bug Stompers, the Original Pinettes Brass Band, Erica Falls, Raphael Bas, the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jazz Band, Morning 40 Federation, Papa Mali, Alvin Youngblood Hart, the Martin Krusche Trio, Interactivo, Carnival Caravan, Kerry Grombacher, Kyoko McCrae, Billy Iuso & the Restless Natives, Ingrid Lucia, Christian Scott, Micah McKee & the Little Makers, Dayna Kurtz, Alex McMurray, Chuck Credo IV, and John Gros, Monica McIntyre, Plunge, Irma Thomas, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, the Brad Walker Quintet, Stooges Brass Band, Charmaine Neville, Tom Scanton, Casandra Faulconer, and Sugar Bear and the Jazz Cats.

Food Donations:


Show hosts and pitchersShow Hosts & Pitchers:Mark LeMaire & Grace Wilson, Leslie Cooper & Stacy Morigeau, Danielle Small & Duane Williams, Mark Stone & Lisa Williford, T.R> Johnson and Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, David Kunian & Andrew Grafe, K. Balewa & Crystal Gross, Olivia Greene & Melanie Merz, George Ingmire & Robin Pennell, Big D & Christy Carney, Rick Wilkof & Veronica Cromwell, Rare on the Air/Bob Murret & Tommy Lyons/Lauren Del Rio, AJ & AA, Scott Borne & Veronica Cromwell, Sally Young & Eric Ward, Nita Ketner & Crystal Gross, Jack Lyles & Grace Wilson, Jelly Roll Justice & Stacey Morigeau, Missy Bowen & Jerry Lenaz, and Brian McColgan & Eric Ward, Raymond Kent & Leslie Cooper, Leslie Cooper & Melanie Merz, Black Mold & Scott Borne, Valerie "The Problem Child" Kacprzak & Your Cousin Dimitri, Vin & Duane Williams, Black Mold & Chessa, Peter Kastl & Crystal Gross, Sean O'Meara & Eliza Llewllyn, Yolanda Estrada & Veronica Cromwell, Suzanne Corley & Jorge Fuentes, Brice Nice & Scott Borne, Soul Sister & Molly Cobb, Peggy Lou & Stuart Hall, Lauren Mastrogiavani & Ron Phillips, Hazel & Stacey Morigeau, Charles Laborde, Your Cousin Dimitri & Jerry Lenaz, Elizabeth Meneray, Kathleen Lee & Stacy Morigeua, Rick Wilkof & Bob Rodrigue, Dan Meyer, Leslie Cooper & Bob Rodrigue, Andrew Grafe & Scott Borne, Jelly Roll Justice & Russell Shelton, Gentilly Jr. & Your Cousin Dimitri, Governer's Mansion & Stuart Hall, Mark Lemaire & Brian Boyles, Leslie Cooper & Ron Phillips, Danielle Small & Michael Dominici, Marc Stone & Lisa Williford, T.R. Johnson & Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, K. Balewa & Veronica Cromwell, Olivia Greene & Suzanne Roberge, George Ingmire & Robin Pennell, Big D & Jordan Stuart, Maryse Dejean & Veronica Cromwell, Rare on the Air/Bob Murret & Tommy Lyons and Lauren Del Rio, AJ & AA, Scott Borne & Stuart Hall, Sally Young & John Titsworth, Nita Ketner & Action Jackson and Russell Shelton, Johnny Woodstock & Grace Wilson, Jelly Roll Justice & Stacey Morigeau, Missy Bowen & Jerry Lenaz, Brian McColgan.

Phone BankPhone Bank Volunteers: Austin Allen, Carol Badilla, Chris Beattie, Mary Ann Bischoff, Elaine Boos, Jennifer Brady, Stephen Britton, Allison Burbank, Gene Cassimere, John Caulkins, Matt Cerick, Hazel Champagne, Bonnie Cochran, Pam Colbert, Rich Colbert, Joanne Cole, Alan Colon, Clay Colton, Leslie Cooper, Susan del Guidice, Matt Devitt, Mike Dill, Robert Drewes, Chris Finney, Arne Flynn, Lori Freehling, Michael Gagnier, Summer Gebhart, Mark Grzvacz, Monique Hamilton, Jonathan Henderson, Laura Hibbitts, Arlene Hines, Raleigh Hoke, Louis Holmes, Sarah Holtz, Jimmy Horn, Rebecca Kastl, Catherine King, Pam Legge, Douglas Marshall, Melissa Marshall, Mike McAndrew, Ron McKay, Jimmy Morrissey, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Elizabeth Oneil, Donna Paul, Nick Perez-Alvarez, Grace Perrine, Sharon Robinson, Bob Rodrigue, Cathie Ruggiero, Gregory Sclama, Bill Scott, Karen Scott, Anastasia Shaw, Mark Smith, Tricia Sperier, John Titsworth, Sissy Wiggin, George Wild, Grace Perrine.

Photographers: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Dave Ankers, and Kichea S. Burt.

We have some fabulous photo slideshows from each day of the membership drive. Down below you'll find a gallery of highlights for the whole drive; check 'em out!

Drive Highlights by Day:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11


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Highlight slide show

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