WWOZ Spring 2013 Membership Wrap-up


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Spring Membership Drive 2013 - Thank you!

It's never too late to become an official 'OZillian and WWOZ member, but our Spring 2013 pledge party has wrapped up. It was a wonderful 11 days here at the station, and the membership staff (Crystal Gross, Molly Cobb, Lauren Del Rio, and Lindsey Darnell) extends thanks to the many volunteers, musicians, food donors, photographers, and 'OZ staff members who made it happen. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our syncopated hearts!

Maggie KoernerMusicians: Tom Sancton, Luke Winslow King, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Tate Carson, Kristine Morales, Helen Gillet's Wazozo Orchestra, Nigel Hall, Armand St. Martin, Galactic, Irma Thomas, David Torkanowsky, George Porter Jr, Stanton Moore, Alash (Tuvan throat singers), Glen David Andrews, Eric Lindell, Honey Island Swamp Band, Juan Michael Nunez, Evan Christopher, Blake Amos, Crescent City Celtic Band, Justin Johnson, Jonno Frishberg, Kevin Aucoin, Maggie Koerner, Riccardo Crespo, Javier Gutierrez, Brad Walker, Mike Dillon, the Honeypots, Little Freddie King, Detroit Brooks, Emily Estrella and Faux Barrio Billionaires, Gaynielle and Liryca Neville, Ratty Scurvics, Deacon John, Derrick Freeman, Meschiya Lake and the Little Bighorns, Dwayne Nelson and Les Getrex, Big Daddy O, Keenan Knight, Lionel Ferbos, James Andrews, Jason Marsalis, Mike Zito, Leslie Smith, and the Young Pinstripe Brass Band.

BBQ RibsFood Donations: Mother's, Crabby Jack's, Whole Foods, N.O. Cake Cafe, Big Shirley's, St. James Cheese, Laurel Street Bakery, Nirvana, Saucy's BBQ, Slim Goodies, Martinique Bistro, Mona Lisa, Croissant D'Or, Juan's Flying Burrito, Big Shirley's, La Divina Gelateria, Oceana, Liberty's Kitchen, Crabby Jacks, Fatoush, Slim Goodies, the Joint, Dreamy Weenies, Taj Mahal, Carmo, La Boulangerie, Rio Mar, Santa Fe Tapas, the Crescent Pie & Sausage Co., Bayou Brew, La Divina Gelateria, Brown's Dairy, George's Produce, Baby's Coffee, Kentwood Spring Water, and Coca Cola Bottling Company

Show hosts and pitchersShow Hosts & Pitchers:Zach Young and Stacey Morigeau; Danielle Small and Bob Rodrigue (Old Man River); Marc Stone and Lisa Williford; T.R. Johnson, Scott Borne, Veronica Cromwell; Jivin' Gene and Neil Pellegrin; K. Balewa and Maryse Dejean; Olivia Greene and Melanie Merz; George Ingmire and Robin Pennell; Big D and Johnny Sansone; Maryse Dejean and Rick Wilkof; Bob Murret and Lauren Del Rio; Scott Borne and Stafford, Sally Young and Eric Ward, Sherwood Collins and Stacey Morigeau, David Torkanowsky, Jelly Roll Justice and Reid Wick, Missy Bowen and Linda Santi; Raymond Kent and Grace Wilson; Keith Hill and Robin Pennell; Black Mold and Scott Borne; Valerie Kacprzak and Cousin Dmitri; Russell Shelton and Duane Williams; Peter Kastl and Crystal Gross; Sean O'Meara and Melanie Merz; Yolanda Estrada and Ariana Hall; Suzanne Corley and Jellyroll Justice; Brice Nice and Scott Borne; Soul Sister and Molly Cobb; Lauren Mastrogiavani and Crystal Gross; Hazel and Duane Williams; Charles Laborde and Jim Hobbs; Cousin Dmitri and Jerry Lenaz; Elizabeth Meneray and Sally Young; Kathleen Lee and Stacey Morigeau; Eugene and Scott Borne; Joel Dinerstein and Stafford; Jeff Greenberg and Leslie Cooper; Murf Reeves and Russell Shelton; Andrew Grafe and Scott Borne; Sondra Bibb and Eric Ward; Gentilly Jr., and Cousin Dimitri; Zach Young and Leslie Cooper; Danielle Small and AJ Roderigue; Marc Stone and Lisa Williford; T.R. Johnson and Eric Ward; Jivin' Gene and Neil Pellegrin; K. Balewa and Crystal Gross; Olivia Greene, Maryse Dejean, and Anastasia; George Ingmire and Jodi Brown; Big D and Jordan Stewart; Maryse Dejean, Rick Wilkof, and Veronica; Bob Murret, Tommy Lyons, and Bob Rodrigue; Old Man River and Crystal Gross; Sally Young and Jaime Dell'Apa; Sherwood Collins and Andrew Ward; David Torkanowsky; Jelly Roll Justice and Stacey Morigeau; Missy Bowen and Jerry Lenaz; Raymond Kent and Grace Wilson; Keith Hill and Jodi Brown; Bill De Turk and Lauren Del Rio.

Phone BankPhone Bank Volunteers: Al Emmendorfer, Steve Walden, Jimmy Morrissey, Denise Sassone, Claire Thomas, Melissa Marshall, Diane Ireland, Stella Szesnat, Verdell Heisser, Kaitlin Ryan, Duane Williams, Austin Allen, Mike McAndrew, Amanda Kaiser, Eather Reynolds, Corey Collins, Kristen Essig, Gerald Christoff, Anastasia Shaw, Tanya Younger, Mike Dill, Andrew Monson, Clarissa Koederitz, Clay Cotton, Suzy Moran, Timothy Caldwell, Al Emmendorfer, Lawson Key, Monique Hamilton, Veronica Cromwell, Nick Perez-Alvarez, Carol Badilla, Anne Fleming, Leslie Cooper, Pamela Legge, Marianne Franz, Eather Reynolds, Tracy Norwood, Amanda Kaiser, Phil Stelly, Anastasia Shaw, Sou Sanders, Mike Dill, Matt Devitt, LaWanda Smith, Christine Clouatre, Cathy Hughes, Carolyn Cautrell, Matt Devitt, Pamela Legge, Karen Scott, Mary Ann Bischoff, Therese Carter, Julie Lodato, Matt Devitt, Mike McAndrew, Michael Franz, Sissy Wiggin, John Titsworth, Lisa Bacques, Claire Thomas, Audra Smith, Corey Collins, Linda Rose, Arlene Hines, Wayne Curtis, Kathi Troendle, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Laura Hibbitts, Arlene Hines, Gerald Christoff, Susan del Guidice, Clay Colton, Beth Robinson, Michael Franz, Frances Davis, Sissy Wiggin, Chris Beattie, John Salomone, Michel Gagnier, Marianne Franz, Karen Scott, Eshyah Selig and the Gulf Restoration Network.

We have some fabulous photo slideshows from each day of the membership drive. Down below are picks from Day 11 (a humdinger!), check 'em out!

Drive Highlights by Day: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11



Past Membership Drives-
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Highlight slide show

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