Jazz Fest Flashbacks

WWOZ is celebrating Jazz Fest at 50 with these Jazz Fest Flashbacks, a series of stories and memories from people connected to the festival in all different ways. Listen in as these musicians, artists, food vendors, and more tell the story of their Festival. 

Thomas Mann: Jazz Fest Flashback

Mon, 02/18/19
Renowned sculptor and jewelry designer Thomas Mann has exhibited his work at Jazz Fest since 1977. Watch this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback to find out how he's kept his jewelry and presence at the festival fresh through all these years: Read more

Nancy Ochsenschlager: Jazz Fest Flashback

Sat, 02/16/19
Nancy Ochsenschlager has worn many hats at Jazz Fest, first starting as a volunteer in 1976, then moving into the Fair Director position, and finally Associate Producer before retiring in 2005, though she remains involved to this day. Nancy has been integral to the festiva... Read more

Lena Prima: Jazz Fest Flashback

Tue, 02/12/19
The first year Lena Prima played at Jazz Fest was the same year the festival honored her father, Louis Prima, for what would've been his 100th birthday. Listen in to what that experience was like for Lena as she launched her first jazz album, plus what it was like for her t... Read more

Zack Smith: Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback

Wed, 02/06/19
Photographer and musician Zack Smith is a photographer who has been involved in the social, musical and cultural landscapes of Louisiana for the past 20 years, including at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Listen in to this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback as Zack talks ab... Read more

John Flemming: Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback

Mon, 02/04/19
Leatherworker John Flemming has displayed in the Contemporary Crafts Area at Jazz Fest since 1975. Listen in to this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback as John talks about what those early years were like, and part of what motivated the evolution of contemporary crafts at the festiva... Read more

Sally Young: Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback

Wed, 01/30/19
WWOZ show host Sally Young has long been connected to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She began volunteering with the festival as a teenager. One of her duties was driving artists-- listen in to hear her wild story of bringing Lightnin' Hopkins to the Fairgrounds. Read more

Loretta Harrison: Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback

Sat, 01/26/19
Loretta Harrison, founder and owner of Loretta's Authentic Pralines, talks about being a food vendor at Jazz Fest for over 40 years and how deeply the festival has impacted her life. This feature is part of WWOZ's Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback series.  Read more

Dr. Brice Miller: Jazz Fest Flashback

Wed, 01/23/19
Authored by Carrie Booher
Dr. Brice Miller of the Mahogany Brass Band talks about his experiences coming up with his dad and the Pinstripe Brass Band at the Fairgrounds for our Jazz Fest at 50 Flashback series.     See more from our Jazz Fest at 50 series     Thanks to these sponsors:   ... Read more

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