Jazz Fest Flashbacks

WWOZ is celebrating Jazz Fest at 50 with these Jazz Fest Flashbacks, a series of stories and memories from people connected to the festival in all different ways. Listen in as these musicians, artists, food vendors, and more tell the story of their Festival. 

Doyle Cooper: Jazz Fest Flashback

Wed, 03/27/19
Doyle Cooper took his first steps in Economy Hall-- and then went on to make his debut there as an adult, in 2017, with the Doyle Cooper Jazz Band. In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, he shares what it was like for him to get on the stage where he'd watched so many of his ido... Read more

Leroy Jones: Jazz Fest Flashback

Sun, 03/17/19
In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, Leroy Jones remembers parading at the very first festival with the Fairview Baptist Church Christian Marching Band (his first paying gig!) and what it was like to be at the very new festival as a boy.  Read more

Linda Green: Jazz Fest Flashback

Wed, 03/13/19
Ms. Linda Green is known across the world as the the YaKaMein Lady, but nowhere better known than in the streets of New Orleans-- more succinctly, at the second line. Many swear by her recipe as a "hangover cure." Ten years ago, Jazz Fest brought her into the fold and her Y... Read more

David Kunian: Jazz Fest Flashback

Mon, 03/11/19
In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, longtime WWOZ show host, New Orleans Jazz Museum Music Curator, and Allison Miner Music Heritage Stage interviewer David Kunian shares the story of being unexpectedly called to the stage by 007, mid-set, in 2003 to help out with an Earl Kin... Read more

Vance Vaucresson: Jazz Fest Flashback

Sat, 03/09/19
Vaucresson Sausage is the only original food vendor remaining at Jazz Fest. The company's history with the festival goes even farther back than the first festival in 1970-- in the 1960s, Newport Jazz Fest founder George Wein and Pres Hall's Larry Borenstein and Allan Jaffe ... Read more

Gerald French: Jazz Fest Flashback

Thu, 03/07/19
Gerald French is a jazz drummer, leader of the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, and Mardi Gras Indian. In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, he talks about the long history his family has at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, stemming all the way back to the very first Fest in... Read more

Jerry Siefken: Jazz Fest Flashback

Thu, 02/28/19
Jerry Siefken is a major part of the second line crowd in Economy Hall and around the Fairgrounds at Jazz Fest. He's also known for his "Free Hugs" badge, spreading positivity and friendly spirits everywhere he goes. Find out what this longtime Jazz Fester has to say about ... Read more

John Rankin: Jazz Fest Flashback

Sun, 02/24/19
John Rankin is a respected New Orleans musician and son of former longtime WWOZ show host and Jazz Fest volunteer Big Mama Rankin. In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, he recalls attending his first Jazz Fest in 1976 and how wonderful it was to see Snooks Eaglin, Johnny Vidaco... Read more

Alison Fensterstock: Jazz Fest Flashback

Fri, 02/22/19
Alison Fensterstock is a WWOZ volunteer and a music writer who has covered Jazz Fest for the Times-Picayune/nola.com, NPR, The Gambit, 64 Parishes, and more. In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Flashback, she recalls seeing Joe Blakk and the Throwback Jam at the Congo Square Stage in 20... Read more

Fireman Mike: Jazz Fest Flashback

Wed, 02/20/19
Mike Gowland is the owner of Fireman Mike's Kitchen. He and his family have run two food booths at Jazz Fest for years: one in the kids area and one in Food Area I with alligator sauce piquante, shrimp & grits, and shrimp, sausage, and okra gumbo. In this WWOZ Jazz Fest Fla... Read more

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