May: Ausettua Amor Amenkum


Big Queen Ausettua Amor Amenkum
Big Queen Ausettua Amor Amenkum [Photo by Jerry Taliaferro]
Ausettua Amor Amenkum was led by the quest for knowledge, interest in African retention in African-American cultural expressions, and social and cultural activism to participate in the Black Indian masking culture. She masked with Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr until his death. In 2006, she accepted Big Chief David Montana's invitation to serve as his queen with Yellow Pocahontas and Washitaw Nation.
Ausettua uses her role as Big Queen to increase self-esteem and to celebrate African-American women's contributions to New Orleans' indigenous cultural expression, religion, and spirituality.  She received the 2009 Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame's Queens' Choice "Rising Star" Award.
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