A wonderful, rebellious vanguard of democracy through music

Published on: March 7th, 2023

906 Donald Lewis

Donald Lewis
Donald Lewis
You know his voice, but do you know Donald Lewis? A message from the Tuesday Livewire Reader

I got started with WWOZ back in the Treehouse, the WWOZ Studio in Armstrong Park. A friend of mine asked me to record the Livewire (on a reel to reel tape!) and I’ve been doing it ever since. I think I’ve been on the Tuesday Livewire for over 20 years. 

OZ is a wonderful, rebellious vanguard of democracy through music. You can listen to a broad spectrum of American culture, and world culture, and it’s all unconditional! There’s no program director or corporate sponsor dictating what you're listening to. It all comes straight from the DJs to you. You turn on the radio and hear it real. You can even call in and talk to the DJs right there in the studio!

OZ is a purveyor of the music. It lets you know what’s going on and where it's happening. As an 'OZ listener it feels wonderful to be in the know. WWOZ has the eye on New Orleans jazz and funky culture and the Livewire helps listeners navigate all that’s going on. When you’re driving home from work, thinking about what you’re going to get up to that night, you can turn on WWOZ to find out what’s happening. Then you can head home or head straight out! That kind of service should cost a pretty penny, but WWOZ offers it to New Orleans for free!

Today during our Membership Drive is your chance to donate to WWOZ to say thanks for all the music, and all the information that WWOZ provides. For a few coins you are getting to hear what you want to hear from people who care about the music. Thank you for supporting the station!

-Donald Lewis
Actor, Educator, and Tuesday WWOZ Livewire Reader

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