The Feel of 'OZ

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Published on: March 9th, 2020

906 Murf Reeves [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee]

Murf Reeves [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee]
Murf Reeves [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee]

It is so many things - The sound of the hallway, the radio waves wafting through. The bustle of the day’s melody as on-air rhythms touch the rhythms of accounting, organizing, planning and listening. Sometimes, a quiet sound at night when the offices have gone dark, waiting in anticipation. . .

Or, an up-tempo song all day during the drives, the sounding of action from the studio door, Because Mama needs a new microphone to sing her songs louder ‘caus the crowd is swelling! Coming and going of musicians, volunteers, staff, deliveries, tubas, and music. Music of people, intertwining and chording their lives, their songs, their footsteps To the airwaves and what unfolds when the levels are up and away!!

Sounds, unbelievable sounds from around the globe and Around the block. Yesterday, Tomorrow, Jan. 1, 1968. The songs never stop, so the headsets stay active, always alert for the next crescendo. The taste of beauty as only ears can sense and soul fully feel.

From the turntables to all the histories, people’s telling stories, through melody, rhythm and Harmony, with sweat and electricity, the songs are forever free. Songs requiring engagement, accessing the patterns locked in the DNA of the booty, feet Hips and fingers.

Plucking strings, stroking keys, manipulating the sticks for a proper swing that reflecting The toe-tapping, hand clapping and vocal shouting of Music. A light that shines bright On Mississippi foggy night’s and shimmers in the glitter of Mardi Gras. Beaming over the Second lines to all those festival doors. The City of New Orleans, built on the sounds of the globe, travelled many miles, and were sung 10,000 times, all leading to this next musical break. Caus the headsets are still on, waiting for the next song to take root and grow.

WWOZ is the butterfly net that catches the songs for all the world to hear and see. OZ uses the backyard of New Orleans cause that is where the groove grows strongest! OZ is your friend just down the street who has another great record, just waiting for you to experience and believe.

Join us!

-Murf Reeves
New Orleans Music Show Host
Mondays 11am-2pm

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