2020 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

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Published on: December 21st, 2019

906 Zulu [Photo by Jamell Tate]

Zulu [Photo by Jamell Tate]
Zulu [Photo by Jamell Tate]

The Carnival season is upon us!!! Here's the parade schedule for 2020:

Sunday, February 23

11am Krewe of Okeanos - Uptown
11:45am Krewe of Mid-City - Uptown
12pm Thoth - Uptown
1pm Knights of Chaos
followed by Box of Wine (sort of)
5:15p Bacchus - Uptown

Monday, February 24

2p Red Beans - Bywater/Marigny/6th Ward (start Marigny Opera House)
2p Dead Beans - Midcity/Bayou St. John (start Pitot House)
2p Feijao - Bywater/Marigny/7th Ward (start Bud Rip's)
5:15p Proteus - Uptown
6p Orpheus - Uptown

Tuesday, February 25

8a Zulu - Uptown
10a Rex - Uptown
followed by Krewe of Elks Orleans
followed by Krewe of Crescent City



Monday, January 6

7p Joan of Arc - French Quarter
7p Phunny Phorty Phellows - St. Charles streetcar route
7:05p Funky Uptown Krewe - St. Charles streetcar route
7:30p Society Des Champs Elysée - downtown streetcar route (a stroll this year, as the Rampart streetcar is out of service due to Hard Rock Hotel collapse)

Saturday, February 1

7p Chewbacchus

Friday, February 7

7p Krewe Boheme - Marigny/French Quarter

Saturday, February 8

6:30p Krewe du Vieux - Marigny/French Quarter
7p krewedelusion - Marigny/French Quarter (hear our interview with this year's Queen below)

Sunday, February 9

1p Krewe of Nefertiti - New Orleans East
4:30p 'tit Rex - Marigny

Friday, February 14

3p Krewe of Cork - French Quarrter
6p Oshun - Uptown
6:30p Cleopatra - Uptown
followed by Krewe of Alla

Saturday, February 15

11:45a Mystic Knights of Adonis - Westbank
12p Krewe of Pontchartrain - Uptown
followed by Krewe of Choctaw
followed by Krewe of Freret
5:30p Knights of Sparta - Uptown
followed by Krewe of Pygmalion

Sunday, February 16

11a Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale
followed by Krewe of Carrollton
followed by Krewe of King Arthur
2p Krewe of Barkus - French Quarter

Wednesday, February 19

6:15p Krewe of Druids - Uptown
7p Mystic Krewe of Nyx - Uptown

Friday, February 21

11:30a Krewe of Bosom Buddies - French Quarter
4:45p Muses
followed by Knights of Babylon
5:30p Krewe of Hermes - Uptown
6:30p Krewe d'Etat - Uptown
7p Morpheus - Uptown

Saturday, February 22

10:45a Krewe of NOMTOC - Westbank
11a Krewe of Iris - Uptown
12p Krewe of Tucks - Uptown
4:15p Endymion - Mid-City

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