Mahmoud Chouki

Mahmoud Chouki was a musical child prodigy in his native Morocco; today, the masterful guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and genial collaborator makes his home in New Orleans. His music is unique: with deep roots in European classical and jazz guitar, Chouki weaves a variety of musical influences from around the world to express his own voice and to explore how music connects cultures. Chouki combines classical guitar with instruments such as the loutar, the oud, an oriental lute; the Algerian mandole, the Bağlama saz, the banjo, and a variety of percussion instruments. He has engaged in prestigious performances and collaborations around the world, from Bahrain to Spain to the New Orleans Museum of Art, where he curates a monthly music program. He also organizes a series of musical residencies in Sierre, Switzerland, and teaches music at the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans

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