Contemporary Jazz

Tony Dagradi

Thu, 08/31/23

Ashlin Parker

Thu, 08/17/23
Ashlin Parker is a Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter who brings a confident voice and deeply-educated soul to every note he plays. He can be heard in small and large ensembles, including the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and with his best-known project, the Trumpet Mafia. Parker ... Read more

Jason Marsalis

Mon, 08/14/23

Alexey Martí

Mon, 08/14/23
Percussionist Alexey Marti brings the full set of Latin flavors to his unique style of Afro-Cuban jazz. He was born in Havana in 1985, and began his musical journey by playing congas as part of his family’s Santeria religious services. He also studied with the legendary voc... Read more

James Singleton

Mon, 08/14/23
James Singleton is one of New Orleans’– if not the country’s – most adventurous and energetic stand-up bassists. He is perhaps most noted for his membership in the contemporary jazz quartet Astral Project, but he is also a composer, producer, bandleader, and one of the most... Read more

Mahmoud Chouki

Tue, 08/08/23
Mahmoud Chouki was a musical child prodigy in his native Morocco; today, the masterful guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and genial collaborator makes his home in New Orleans. His music is unique: with deep roots in European classical and jazz guitar, Chouki weave... Read more

James Rivers

Tue, 08/08/23
James Rivers has played on some of New Orleans’ most classic hits, and continues to please crowds today with his versatile repertoire and mastery of multiple instruments. He has also penned music for six Clint Eastwood films. Born in 1938 and raised in the historic Treme ne... Read more

Bill Summers & the Headhunters

Sun, 08/06/23
Bill Summers is a New Orleans-based fixture on the Afro-Cuban and Latin percussion scene. The Detroit, Michigan native studied classical piano as a youngster, but morphed into a percussionist as he came of age. Now recognized as one of the elders of world beat rhythms, he s... Read more

Donald Harrison, Jr.

Sun, 08/06/23
Saxophonist Donald Harrison Jr. is both a modern jazz trendsetter and bearer of deep New Orleans cultural traditions. From his work with Art Blakey to his role as a Big Chief of a Mardi Gras Indian tribe, Harrison is the personification of New Orleans past and present. Har... Read more

Steve Masakowski

Sun, 08/06/23
Steve Masakowski is a prolific modern jazz guitarist, educator, collaborator, and inventor. The New Orleans native is a founding member of Astral Project, the seminal modern jazz group, and has performed with a jazz Who’s Who including Johnny Adams, Mose Allison, Bobby McFe... Read more

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