Electric Ramble

Electric Ramble emerges from the vibrant and diverse musical landscape of New Orleans, Louisiana, carrying the torch of Rock 'N' Roll with a distinct flair that infuses New Orleans rhythms with Rock 'N' Roll songwriting. Formed in the heart of the city, the band is the collaborative vision of four musicians: Evan Hall (Vocals/Guitar), Tyler Self (Bass), William McMains (Drums) and Brook Danos (Guitar). 

The origin story of Electric Ramble is a testament to the serendipity of the New Orleans community. Evan and Tyler, long-time friends and band mates crossed paths with Brook during a jam session in New Orleans, the three immediately drawn to each other's raw energy and shared vision for a sound that would pay homage to their roots while pushing boundaries. Realizing what they had was a special connection, they immediately recruited William, who toured with Evan as the rhythm section for regional artists. William was the missing piece that completed the puzzle, bringing tight grooves and dynamic energy to the mix. 

Debuting with a sound that blends rock influences with the gritty soul and rhythms of New Orleans, Electric Ramble secured their first major festival appearance with a slot at the 2024 New Orleans French Quarter Festival. Their music is a brew of potent guitar riffs, compelling lyrics, and a rhythmic backbone that refuses to let you stand still. As Electric Ramble continues to tour, their live shows are known for their energy, spontaneity, and the palpable connection they forge with their audience and musical guests, embodying the communal spirit of New Orleans' music scene.

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