2020 Spring Membership Drive Thank-Yous

Published on: October 14th, 2019


Last day of the drive. Photo by Demian Roberts.

WWOZ would like to thank everyone who had a part in making our Spring 2020 pledge drive a huge success! Shout outs to all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, photographers, engineers and food donors.

Cheers to all the guardians of the groove!

Highlights from the Drive

Haruka Kikuchi, Big 6 Brass Band, Betty Shirley, Mark 'Tuba' Smith & Michael, Brother Dege, Meghan Stewart, Forró Nola, New Orleans Spiritualettes, New Orleans All Stars, Dave Jordan & the NIA, Little Freddie King, Charmaine Neville, The Quickening, Nutria, Phil DeGruy, Doyle Cooper, Bruce Sunpie Barnes, Chris Thomas King, New Orleans Catahoulas, Roland Guerin, Brother Tyrone & the Mindbenders, Khris Royal, and the Treme Brass Band.

Show Hosts & Pitchers: 
Scott Borne with Katrina Griffin; Sally Young with Louis Dudoussat; Michael Dominici with J. Pegues; The Creeper with Katrina Griffin; Al Colon with Duane Williams; DJ Swamp Boogie with Father Ron; Dave Dauterive & Jorge Fuentes with KaTrina Griffin; Keith Hill with Beth Arroyo Utterback; Bill de Turk with Ashli Richard Morris; Murf Reeves with Melanie Merz; Charles Burchell with Veronica Cromwell; Black Mold with Melanie Merz; Big Pete with Katrina Griffin; Ron Phillips with Melanie Merz; Yolanda Estrada; Dean Ellis with Suzanne Corley; Suzanne Corley with Dave Ankers; Brice Nice with Ashli Richard Morris; Soul Sister with Julie Holman; Lauren Mastro with Katrina Griffin; Hazel the Delta Rambler; Charles Laborde; Dimitri Apessos; Elizabeth Meneray; Christy Grimes; Eugene Thomas; Old Man River with Tommy Boehm; Dan Meyer with Louis Dudoussat; Murf Reeves with Kathleen Edmundson; Andrew Grafe with Carrie Booher; Maryse with Ashli Richard Morris; Gentilly Jr with Dimitri Apessos; Mark LaMaire with Duane Williams; Leslie Cooper with Melanie Merz & Stacey Morigeau; Cole Williams with Action Jackson & Monica Landry; Marc Stone with Father Ron; T.R. Johnson with Ashli Richard Morris & Bonnie Cochran; Neil Pellegrin with April Leigh, Quint Davis & Beth Arroyo Utterback; Breaux Bridges with Tommy Boehm; Mike Longfield with Beth Arroyo Utterback; Missy Bowen with J. Pegues; Big D with Mikayla Braun & Dianna Thompson; Sondra Bibb with Duane Williams; Rare on the Air with Ashli Richard Morris & Bonnie Cochran; Scott Borne with Katrina Griffin; Sally Young with Elizabeth Meneray & Dave Ankers; Michael Dominici with Ashli Richard Morris; The Creeper with Katrina Griffin; Al Colon with Dimitri Apessos; Duane Williams with Melanie Merz & Julie Holman; Dave Dauterive with Katrina Griffin & AJ Roderigue; Keith Hill with Beth Arroyo Utterback; Murf Reeves with Ashli Richard Morris.

Phone Bank Volunteers: 
Harry Ballard, Patty Boehm, Tommy Boehm, Abigail Braud, John Caulkins, Pamela Colbert, Rich Colbert, Joanne Cole, Stacey Cunningham, Frances Davis, Cliff Doescher, Ame Flynn, Michele Goldfarb, Laura Hibbits, Shalon James, Welton Johnson, Glen LeBlanc, Christopher Marshall, Ashlie Maske, John Maske, Pearl McDonald, Stacey Morigeau, Robert Mugar, Julie Nalibov, Joel Nitzkin, Kerry Orr, Wendy Pabian, Margie Perez, Karen Phillips, Gerry Puchalski, Ian Roche, Marc Savoy, Dianna Thompson, Mike Thompson, and Marta Welden.

Front Desk & Helper Volunteers: 
Tommy Boehm, John Caulkins, Pamela Colbert, Veronica Cromwell, Stacey Cunningham, Ava Daniel-Johnson, Jerry Dupas, Murv Granderson, Mark Grzywacz, Arlene Hines, Deej Johnson, Chali Jones, Shalon Jones, Lainey Love, Dave Maitland, Pearl McDonald, Ron McKay, Julie Nalibov, Noelani Musicaro, Margie Perez, Gerry Puchalski, Tyler Schiro, Karen Scott, and Marta Welden.

Louis Crispino, Michele Goldfarb, Katherine Johnson, Michael McAndrew, Demian Roberts, Bill Sasser, Leona Strassberg, and Michael White.

Food donations:
1000 Figs, Belle's Diner, Bywater Bakery, Casa Borrega, Crabby Jacks, Croissant d'Or, French Toast, Fresh Market, Horn's, The Joint, Kebab, Kentwood Springs, Kitchen Table Cafe, La Boulangerie, LaTrobes on Royal, Moe's Original Bar B Que, MoPho, New Orleans Cake Cafe & Bakery, New Orleans Ice Cream Company, NOLA, Pizza Delicious, Red Gravy, Silk Road, Stein's


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