Highlights from the Fall Membership Drive

Published on: October 16th, 2008

Thank you from all of us at 'OZ for stepping up and giving us the juice we need to keep bringing you the best of the best in New Orleans music and culture. Your support during these tough times means so much to the WWOZ family.

Photos from our Fall 2008 Membership Drive

A Special Thanks to our Volunteers

WWOZ keeps the groove alive with a ton help from our friends, show hosts and volunteers. These very special folks dedicate their time and energy to making 'OZ what it is. From playing killer music, answering pledge calls and co-producing, to picking up food and stuffing envelopes, our volunteers keep us going and growing!

Phone Bank Volunteers:
Nicholas Allen
Doug Arnold
Carol Badilla
Chris Bairnsfather
Jace Bartet
Steve Bellaire
Valerie Bergman
Marla Bernard
David Bernard
Madeline Brozen
Becky Bowen
Blaire Bowers
Michael Burns
Yvette Chapotel
Traci Claussen
Amy Creel
Joanna Cross
Stacey Cunningham
Kate Curran
Laura Dedleaux
Melissa & Matthew DeOrazio
Matt Devitt
Crozet Duplantier
Angela Fabacher
Gareth Foster
Daryl Guillory
Justin Harrell
Donna Hamsher
James Henderson
Louis Hilire
Billy Hillman
James & Burnadette Hines
Vanessa Hippolyte
Ian Johnson
Will Kirchheimer
Ruth Marinello
Jill McGaughey
Mike Morgan
Pete Morris
Joel & Phyllis Nitzkin
Grace Perrine
Yanett Pena
Ross Reahard
Murf Reeves
David Rosenberg
Ashley Roth
David Ruiz
Kaitlin Ryan
Rich Rizzuto
Herb Sayas
Betty Jane Schlater
Karen Scott
Will Sibbald
Roger Smith
Jordan Stuart
Maite Vail
Bobby Vallecillo
Melanie Wallace
Thomas Walsh
David Weinberg
Brooking Wilson
Sara Woods
Chad Wright

Drive Co-Producers:
Jelly Roll Justice
Karen Beem
Scott Borne
Ian Cockburn
Hild Creed
Laura Dedleaux
Doctor Don
Dan Fitzgerald
Ariana Hall
Billy Hillman
John Hyman
George Ingmire
Lisa Kavanaugh
Mary Liz Keevers
David Kunian
Jerry Lenaz
Donald Lewis
Milena Merrill
Tom Morgan
Stacey Morigeau
Mary Pat
Robin Pennell
Steve Picou
Diana Pinckley
Carmen Post
A.J. the Boudin Man
Beverly Rainbolt
Lintz Rivera
Sarrah Schoenfeld
Maite Vail
Robbie Vitrano
Rob Weiss
Soul Stu
Your Cousin Dimitri

Food / Operations /

Chris Wells

A Bit of Everything:
Patti Averbuck
Julia Botero
Cerulleal Dorsey
Carla Talevi
Max Ochester
David Henley
Celia Sinclair
Blaire Bowers

Staff: Scott Borne
Dwayne Breashears
Molly Cobb
Maryse Dejean
David Freedman
Crystal Gross
Tony Guillory
Ariana Hall
Damond Jacob
Mary Liz Keevers
Monica Landry
Dee Lindsey
Carmen Post

If we left out any names, we sincerely apologize, and we’ll make sure to get it right on the next go around! If you are interested in joining this groovy bunch of folks in volunteering, give our Volunteer Coordinator, Maryse, a call at (504) 568-1239 or send an email to help@wwoz.org.

Check out day-by-day highlights from our Fall 2008 Membership Drive:

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