Spring 2009 Membership Drive — Day 9

Published on: March 12th, 2009
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Day 9 — Thursday, March 12

Happy Birthday to our Membership Director, Crystal! Day nine of our 2009 Spring Pledge Party was our strongest yet, with 230 members joining us. No wonder! We had a ton of live music on the air! Here are pictures of what got the job done:

Live music broadcasts on Thursday:
Guitarist/singer/songwriter Vic Shepherd started off the day's live broadcast schedule on Traditional Jazz with Lisa Barrios.


Vic Shepherd

Vic Shepherd 

The Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas, came by to make an appeal on the air during Sherwood Collins' New Orleans Music show. She even sang a couple of ditties a cappella... before leading some folks in a heartwarming rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Crystal, our Membership Queen. One man heard Irma's voice while out and about in the French Quarter and came into the studio and picked up a Brass Pass (and got to meet Irma).

Irma Thomas Irma Thomas sings on-air after 10 pledges came in.

Irma sings to CrystalIrma sings "Happy Birthday" to Crystal, WWOZ Membership Director

Happy Birthday Crystal!Happy Birthday to Crystal from all of us at 'OZ!

Irma Thomas and Jason MinerNew WWOZ Brass Pass-er Jason Miner meets Irma Thomas 

Tanya Boutté is a member of the musical Boutté clan that includes acclaimed vocalists John Boutté, Lillian Boutté and Tricia Boutté. She came into our studio to sing "At Last" and a few other tunes on Sherwood Collins' New Orleans Music show, accompanied by pianist Kyle Roussel.Tanya BoutteTanya Boutté sings "At Last"

Kyle Roussel

Pianist Kyle Roussel accompanies Tanya Boutté

Tanya, Jorge, and IrmaOur Operations Assistant, Jorge Fuentes, poses with Tanya and Irma

Pianist and show host David Torkanowsky performed several tunes with bluesman Luther Kent on Blues Ball with David Torkanowsky. The show drew a crowd right here in the studio! Afterwards, Luther got to meet our General Manager, David Freedman.David Torkanowsky and Luther Kent

David Torkanowsky (left) and Luther Kent

Bassist Jay GriggsBassist Jay Griggs plays to the 'OZ crowd

Luther Kent and David FreedmanLuther Kent (left) and 'OZ General Manager David Freedman

Paul Sanchez stopped by to play a few tunes with David Torkanowsky. He told some great stories, including one from way back about how Tork told him he needed to beef up his guitar chops to match his songwriting skills. He sure did! And singer/songwriter Leslie Smith dropped in to sing backup as well as a rendition of "At Last". 

Paul Sanchez Paul Sanchez strums and croons beautifully

Paul Sanchez and David TorkanowskyTorkanowsky makes his appeals between songs with Paul Sanchez

Leslie Smith and David TorkanowskySongstress Leslie Smith makes a guest appearance 

Check out day-by-day highlights from our Spring 2009 Pledge Party:


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