2011 Spring Membership Drive Highlights & Thanks

WWOZ would like to thank all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, engineers and food donors for what is proving to be a stunningly successful Spring Membership Drive! You've all helped guard the groove and keep cNew Orleans community radio bringing you the music and culture you love. Bravo, 'OZ Nation!

Check out our photo highlights of all the exciting performers and guests, hardworking staff and volunteers, and delicious food from each day of the drive!

Drive Highlights: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10

Daily Highlights:

Day 1 — Tuesday, March 22

Food provided by: La Boulangerie, Nirvana Indian Cuisine, D'Orleans Catering, La Divina Gelateria, George's Produce, Brown's DairyHubig's Pies and Baby's Coffee.

On-Air Pitchers: SherriLynn Colby-Bottel, Mark LaMaire, Bill Bowman, Sweet Jonny Ray, Andrew Miles, Jaime Dell'Apa

Phone Bank Volunteers: Martha Good, Steve Walden, Jim Morrisey, Betty Jane Schlater, Al Emmendorfer, Jayeesha Dutta, Laura Lake, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Veronica Cromwell, Susan Meyers, Duane Williams, Robert Swain, Carrie Hadler, Tricia Sperier


Day 2 - Wednesday, March 23

Food provided by:New Orleans Cake Cafe, Crabby Jack's, and Whole Foods

On-Air Pitchers: Crystal Gross, SherriLynn Colby-Bottel, Rob Weiss, Renard Poche, Bradley Blanchard, Scott Borne, AJ Rodrigue

Volunteers: David Ruiz, Gerry Lynch, Ken Conner, Eric Ward, Cassandra Contreras, Steve Walden, Duane Williams, Al Emmendorfer, Karen Scott, Danielle Small, Martha Good, Laura Lake, Mike Elliot, Kristi Cobb, Toby Wraye, Michel Gagnier, Robert Swain

Day 3 - Thursday, March 24

Food provided by: Slim Goodies, The Country Club, and St. James Cheese Shop

On-Air Pitchers: Renee Dodge, Diana Pinckley, Stacey Morigeau, Rob Weiss, SherriLynn Colby-Bottel, Marc Paradis, Linda Santi

Volunteers: David Ruiz, Gerry Lynch, Ken Conner, Eric Ward, Steve Walden, Jim Morrisey, Gerry Christoff, Dave Braheny, Laura Lake, Frances Davis, Dennis Good, Todd Lupberger, Jayeesha Dutta, Mike Elliot, Carol Badilla, Michel Gagnier, Kaitlin Ryan

Day 4 - Friday, March 25

Food provided by: CC's Coffeehouse, Martinique Bistro, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, La Divina Gelateria, and Tee-Evas

On-Air Pitchers: Renee Dodge, Julie Raimondi, Bradley Blanchard, Your Cousin Dimitri, Mike Kobrin and Chessa Johnson

Phone Bank Volunteers: Steve Walden, Grace Perrine, duane Williams, Eshyah Selig, Hazel Champagne, Tracy Norwood, Frances Davis, Rick Wilkof, Liz McCartney, Dennis Good, Mike Elliot, Michel Gagnier, Charlie Barnes

Day 5 - Saturday, March 26

Food provided by: Croissant D'or PatisserieLouisiana Pizza Kitchen, and Mona Lisa Restaurant

On-Air Pitchers: Scott Borne, Crystal Gross, Ariana Hall, Dylan O'Donnell, Molly Cobb

Phone Bank Volunteers: Dennis Good, Susan Meyers, Veronica Cromwell, Karen Scott, Sissy Wiggin, Chris Beattie, Therese Carter, Matt Devitt, Hunter Daniel, Charlie Barnes, Toby Wraye, Kristi Cobb

Day 6 - Sunday, March 27

Food provided by: Croissant D'or PatisserieLa Divina Gelateria, and Oceana Grill

On-Air Pitchers: Linda Wright, Julie Raimondi, Jerry Lenaz, Molly Cobb, Stacey Morigeau and Andrea Forman

Phone Bank Volunteers: Steve Walden, Hunter Daniel, Matt Devitt, Lisa Bacques, John titsworth, Mary Hogan, Tricia Sperier, and the ladies of the Krewe of Brid

Day 7 - Monday, March 28

Food provided by: Satsuma Cafe, J'Anita's at the Rendon Inn, Parkway Bakery & Tavern, and Shaggy's Boil Inc. Seafood and Catering

On-Air Pitchers: Linda Wright, Julie Raimondi, Lauren Del Rio, Bradley Blanchard, Scott Borne, Rob Weiss, Your Cousin Dimitri

Phone Bank Volunteers: Emily Stowell, Grace PErrine, Melissa DeOrazio, Matt DeOrazio, Dave Braheny, Frances Davis, Carrie Hadler, Laura Lake, Luis Capuchina, Robin Bordelon, Jayeesha Dutta, Tricia Sperier, Charlie Barnes, Duane Williams

Day 8 - Tuesday, March 29

Food provided by: La Boulangerie, Nirvana Indian Cuisine, and The Joint

On-Air Pitchers: Mike Kobrin, The Problem Child, Jaime Dell'Apa, Jonny Ray, Lisa Kavanaugh, Scott Borne

Phone Bank Volunteers: Emily Stowell, Jim Morrisey, Duane Williams, Grace Perrine, Frances Davis, Laura Lake, Danielle Small, Mike Elliot, Tricia Sperier, Charlie Barnes


Day 9 - Wednesday, March 30

Food provided by: New Orleans Cake Cafe, Crabby Jack's, and Whole Foods

On-Air Pitchers: Crystal Gross, julie Raimondi, Renard Pche, Jordan Stewart, Scott Borne and AJ Rodrigue

Phone Bank Volunteers: Emily Stowell, Beau Royster, Betty Jane Schlater, Rick Wilkof, Danielle Small, Frances Davis, Laura Lake, Carmen Post, Luis Capuchina, Toby Wraye, Mike Elliot, Linda Rose


Day 10 - Thursday, March 31

Food provided by: Slim Goodies, Mother's Restaurant

On-Air Pitchers: Eliza Llewellyn, Diana Pinckley, Andrew Ward, Rob Weiss

Phone Bank Volunteers: Emily Stowell, Duane Williams, Jim Morrisey, Jayeesha Dutta, Laura Lake, Frances Davis, Liz McCartney

Thank you for the donations provided throughout the week by:

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