Treme: The HBO Series - Season 3

HBO's Treme returned on Sunday, September 23 for its third season. The Peabody Award-winning series focuses on the lives of Antoine, LaDonna, Toni, and, of course WWOZ.


To whet your appetite, here's the Season 3 Trailer and a taste of what's to come:


Synopsis of Episode 22 from HBO's “Treme Talk” forum

“Antoine Batiste flirts with martyrdom; Janette Desautel encounters her old nemesis, Enrico Brulard (Victor Slezak), and a new suitor; Delmond and Albert Lambreaux debut their Indian-jazz album; Toni Bernette meets L.P. Everett, a new ally in her investigation of post-Katrina killings; LaDonna Baptiste-Williams finds living with in-laws is its own kind of hell; Sonny is in an in-law hell of his own, and he and Linh (Hong Chau) aren't even married; Nelson Hildalgo is barking up new money trees.”


And finally, a clip entitled “Delmond Starts a Chant with his Tribe”


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