Puentes New Orleans

Mon, 01/25/10
Authored by Julia Botero

Science and Math Charter School Debate Program

Wed, 12/10/08
Authored by David Weinberg
One of the biggest problems facing students in low-income neighborhods is a lack of after-school activities. So some schools around the country are paying students to attend after-school programs. One of those schools is right here in New Orleans. Science and Math Charter Scho... Read more

YA/YA Turns Twenty

Sun, 11/23/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Twenty years ago, visual artist Jana Napoli began working with Rabouin High School's commercial art teacher Madeleine Neske to create YA/YA: Young Aspirations/Young Artists. Together and with others, they created an art program grounded in the belief that, given the proper too... Read more

Horns for Guns

Sun, 10/26/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
In 2007, Father Bill Terry, the rector at St. Anna's Episcopal Church, began listing the names of murdered New Orleans citizens on a board outside the church. Last year, 215 names were printed on the board. So far in 2008, there are over 160 names on the board. Father Terry an... Read more

Student Design Expo

Fri, 07/04/08
Authored by David Weinberg
The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum has teamed up with several New Orleans Public Schools to teach kids design concepts by using hands-on projects. Read more

Rain or Shine Community Garden

Mon, 07/07/08
Authored by David Weinberg
Rain or Shine is a community organization that is looking to turn many of the city's blighted properties into community gardens. Today we take a trip to the garden where volunteers work with kids, teaching them the basics of gardening. Read more


Thu, 04/03/08
Authored by David Weinberg
R.U.B.A.R.B is an acronym that stands for Rusted Up Beyond All Recognition Bikes. Dozens of flood-damaged bikes were collected after the storm. At R.U.B.A.R.B, volunteers teach kids the basics of bicycle mechanics, and kids can participate in the "earn a bike" program. Read more

A Youth Documentary: Teen Baby Mamas

Thu, 07/03/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Youth radio reporter Kadija Garner explores the issue of teen pregnancy in New Orleans. What are the options for pregnant teens? How are teen mothers judged by others and by themselves? Read more

A Youth Documentary: Growing Up Without a Father

Thu, 06/19/08
Authored by Eve Abrams
Youth radio reporter James Oliver tells the story of his relationship with his father, who has been absent for the bulk of James's life — in part due to a stay in prison. Read more

Roots of Music

Tue, 05/20/08
The Roots of Music is a program designed to preserve and promote the great music culture of New Orleans by addressing and meeting the needs of middle-school students' musical education in the city of New Orleans. The program was started by Derrick Tabb and is due to get und... Read more

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