Sound Sleep Initiative

Sound Sleep Tips from the New Orleans Musician's Clinic

  • Expose yourself to lots of bright light during the day, which will boost your ability to sleep, as well as your mood & alertness during the day.
  • Make sure you have 30 mins of physical activity every day: dance, go to the gym or take a walk!
  • Don’t drink caffeinated beverages within 5 hours of the time you wish to go to sleep.
  • Avoid tobacco and 2nd hand smoke, as it causes you to sleep lightly and wake up early.
  • If you must look at electronic devices at night, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses. Avoid looking at bright screens beginning 2-3 hours before bed.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages at night. Alcohol prevents deep sleep and tends to wake you up in the middle of the night when the effects wear off.
  • Eat your largest meal in the middle of the day. Heavy meals within 3 hours of bedtime can cause indigestion and disrupt sleep.
  • Watch your intake of all liquids before bed, as frequent middle of the night bathroom visits disrupts the quality of sleep.
  • Improve your sleep environment. Make your bedroom a sanctuary from stress, free from computers, cell phones and distractions.
  • Establish a bedtime routine so your body associates your bed with falling asleep. Avoid your bed when you’re not sleepy.

    To read more about the benefits of a good night sleep, and further expert sleep tips, visit the Musician’s Clinics Sleep Your Way to Better Health page.


    Sound Sleep Initiative Description:

    For many ailments, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful recovery. The Sound Sleep Initiative is an effort to ensure that musicians and other members of the New Orleans cultural community have a much better chance at getting a good night’s sleep when they get home. The Sound Sleep Initiative is a partnership between WWOZ and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, initiated and is made by possible by the continued generous support of Doerr Furniture.

    Today, the New Orleans Musicians Clinic treats and assists more than 2,500 local musicians. Of these, more than 80% live below the federal poverty level. When it comes to deciding how to spend their hard-won wages, rent, cars, insurance, and bills take priority over a quality mattress and bed.

    “It is so important that our patients at the NOMC learn to prevent illness and take care of themselves in the best way they can - particularly in getting enough sleep. Through partnerships we can aid them in doing this,” said Bethany Bultman of the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

    A committee of musician advocates makes recommendations of musicians and culture bearers who would most benefit from healthy sleep. Criteria includes (but is not limited to) recent surgery, struggles with chronic illness, and chronic pain. All recipients are vital members of the New Orleans cultural family, including Mardi Gras Indians, social aid and pleasure club members, musicians, performers, and music and service industry workers - all of whom have shown commitment to their own self care.

    To find out more about the program, please contact Erica Dudas, Managing Director at the New Orleans Musicians Clinic at





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