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Ponderosa Stomp: This Weekend

Thu, 09/05/13
Authored by David Stafford
The Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau present the 11th Ponderosa Stomp a month henceforth, October 4-5 at the Rock'n'Bowl. Get a taste of who's playing with a "musical preview" video, which does a nifty job of conveying the feel of the event. Read more

"What's My Line?" with Mahalia Jackson, 1961

Tue, 09/03/13
Authored by David Stafford
In the late 1950s and 1960s, Mahalia Jackson was not only renowned as a gospel singer; she achieved a surprising (from our vantage point) mainstream fame. She was "the main attraction in the first gospel music showcase at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1957," and at the 1963 ... Read more

Trapper Keeper, August 27, 2013

Mon, 09/02/13
August 27, 2013 -- 17:32 Will Thompson and Marcello Benetti of Trapper Keeper talk with T.R. Johnson. Read more

John Gros, August 16, 2013

Mon, 09/02/13
August 16, 2013 -- 35:58 John Gros of Pappa Grows Funk talks with WWOZ's Black Mold on the eve of the band's final show before an indefinite hiatus. They are joined by Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky of Abis Productions, who are producing a "funkumentary" about the band. Read more

Vasti Jackson, August 6, 2013

Mon, 09/02/13
August 6, 2013 -- 32:02 Marc Stone talks with Mississippi bluesman Vasti Jackson about his new CD ("New Orleans: Rhythm Soul Blues") and more. Read more

Chris Rose, June 28, 2013

Mon, 09/02/13
June 28, 2013 -- 16:26 Writer Chris Rose talks with Black Mold talking on Oprah, his books, writing darkly humerous stories "about the death and destruction of a great American city" and "the psychological landscape of post-Katrina New Orleans". Read more

New Orleans All The Way Live: Happy 4th Anniversary! Crescent City Moon

Sun, 09/01/13
Authored by George Ingmire
This week’s program is part 3 of a 3 part series, celebrating 4 years of “New Orleans All the Way Live." Last week, we met up with chefs, cooks and other culinary caretakers for stories, recipes and some food history. This week we discover the inner workings of some instrument... Read more

Eight Years Later

Fri, 08/30/13
Authored by Stuart Raper
     There was something foreboding in the air that day, the animals knew it first. I remember turning on the radio and hearing nothing but dead-air static on WWOZ, a chilling sound. I was already on my way out of town, but that was when I really knew that I had to go.  It ... Read more

Allen Toussaint, Library of Congress Interview

Fri, 08/30/13
Authored by David Stafford
A few years back, Allen Toussaint sat for a wide-ranging, 38-minute-long interview with Larry Appelbaum (a music specialist at the Library of Congress) about "his hit records, life in the recording studios, the New Orleans piano tradition, Professor Longhair, the challenges... Read more

Joy of Jazz: Revisited

Thu, 08/29/13
Authored by Russell Shelton
I have found the South African Michael Jackson.  Well, ok, not entirely…  However the man definitely knew how to strike a pose.  Aside from that, Selaelo Selota had a powerful presence that cannot be ignored.  While conducting his drummer’s every accent, Selota also summone... Read more

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