Video: WWOZ Interns, Summer 2014

This past summer, WWOZ hosted six interns from four colleges in the United States. These six young people proved to be hugely productive. They gave as they received: Ishan Allen from Antioch College in Ohio, James Bullard from Ball State University in Indiana, Candace Crawford and Lily Wasserman from Ithaca College in New York, and Olivia Broslawsky and Ben Russell from Tulane University in New Orleans.
Over a span of ten weeks or more, the interns learned about broadcast radio and digital media. They learned how to record and catalog interviews, to archive and digitize recordings, to interview on-air and in-the-street, to use mixing boards for sound recording, and to work a board as a live show host. They used their skills in producing a highly accomplished, half-hour podcast that's titled "The History of Jazz: A Short Introduction". The podcast will soon be available to WWOZ listeners on the station's website.
Meanwhile, we invite you to watch the short clip below, produced by a former WWOZ intern: Aristide Phillips, winner of a Louisiana Broadcaster's Association award for interns in 2013.
Meet the tremendous energy, intelligence and enthusiasm of WWOZ's 2014 Summer Interns! WWOZ staff and volunteers thank these interns for their inspiring love and admiration of New Orleans music and culture!

Click here for more on WWOZ's interns!

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