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A Valentine From WWOZ

'OZ is for music lovers

We thought about what WWOZ would be like without our wonderful listeners and supporters. You are the reason we get out of bed to come into the studio on cold and rainy mornings. You are the ones we think about when we sit down at Jazz Fest to interview the great musicians who have just finished their sets. You are the ones we come to and ask for support during membership drives. You are the ones who gave us a reason to go on the air after the levees broke.

Community radio is just what the words say, and here at WWOZ we are so thankful that our community extends far beyond the borders of Orleans Parish. WWOZ continues to grow. New listeners find us everyday. Our trips to far off places to bring you some of the best Jazz Festivals in the country, have introduced us to new Jazz fans and, in turn, they have discovered WWOZ and our commitment to the music and culture of New Orleans and the music we call jazz.

We want you to know that in this season where people show their love for each other, we love you, the members of our WWOZ family. Happy Valentine's Day.

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It's Great To Hear From You

This is what you've been telling us about WWOZ:

Bill and Pat with Dr. JohnBill and Pat from Galveston say: "We love the music, show hosts, the live broadcasts and the way 'OZ supports the local musicians and music clubs. 'OZ is New Orleans. When we are away from the city, listening via the internet stream maintains our connection." Here's a picture of them on Mardi Gras Day with Dr. John.

Christine T.Christine T. from Reading, PA says: "My soul lives in New Orleans, but my body lives in Pennsylvania. Is there anything I can do to help?" We took Christine up on her offer and she saved us a lot of time with her work from afar on the Top Ten lists we put up last month.

We love to hear from you so, keep ‘em coming.

WWOZ Loves What This Special Person Is Doing

The Roots of Music NOLA

Derek Tabb is a drummer in the Rebirth Brass Band, one of New Orleans' premier groups. After the storm he overheard someone say, "if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem." His solution is to put together the city's largest marching band comprised of middle schools students from twenty different schools. He is bringing together veteran music educators as well as the community to help him with his "solution." That's why we love what he's doing. Come take a closer look at Derek's plans at The Roots of Music web site.

Three Questions

WWOZ Show Host K. Balewa

In a new online feature, we will be asking each of our show hosts the same three questions. You will get a chance to learn more about our hosts and what makes them and the music they present so special. You can also catch up on former show hosts that have recently left New Orleans.

K. Balewa, host of the Wednesday "Morning Set," is the first one we asked the three questions. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

What is the best new CD you have heard that is outside the genre you play on your show?

I don't listen to much outside the jazz I play so I'll mention one you may not know: saxophonist, Eric Alexander.

What is special about doing a show on WWOZ?

I look forward to finding new jazz music and artists. I love that some of the older jazz is finally being reissued on CD. Best of all is the interaction with our listeners and talking to people all over the world about jazz.

Check out "Three Questions" on the WWOZ website for the full interview. While you are there, you can see the unveiling of a new feature, videos of some of our show hosts. We have two show host interviews up that will also be embedded into the show host profile pages — Scott Borne and Ross O'Keefe are in the first round.

Mardi Gras Redux

WWOZ show hosts were out there enjoying Carnival. Check out their blogs to find out what parades and parties they attended and watch a video from the WWOZ truck in the Zulu parade.

WWOZ Street Talk: The Voice Of New Orleans Culture

Mardi Gras = Time to Costume

When you live in New Orleans, you have to know a thing or two about costuming. A handful of New Orleanians explain how it's done, what it means, and why it's so darn important. Check out Street Talk to listen and learn more.

Special Shows On WWOZ

From 4 until 7 p.m. New Orleans time on February 13th, Judy Wood's Wednesday "Jazz from the Market" will feature a Valentine special called "Matters of the Heart." She will feature recent releases about love and joy, setting the mood for Valentine's Day.

An Ernie K-Doe Special will be held on the Wednesday February 20th "Kitchen Sink" show. Special guests will be joining A.J. Rodrigue to celebrate the Emperor of the Universe's birthday. K-Doe always proclaimed that he was born on the 22nd day of the 2nd month, so we'll begin celebrating a couple of days before his actual birthday. Fun and K-Doe stories will be shared on A.J.'s show.

Crawfish, Lent & a Homemade Recipe


There is nothing that goes hand in hand with the observance of Lent in Louisiana like crawfish. They normally come into season around the beginning of February and are at their peak a couple of months later. Here's a well-known local dish done the local way. Check our recipe page on the 'OZ web site for Crawfish Etouffée, from a New Orleans listener.

Other Links

Membership FAQ

Did you not get all of the membership gifts that you thought you should? Do you have any questions about contributing to WWOZ? Then check out our recently updated membership FAQ. Our Membership Director Crystal wants to hear from you if you have any membership questions that aren't answered there.

Volunteers Needed

The Spring WWOZ Fund Drive is right around the corner (March 3rd - 13th) and we could use your help. If you would like to help us by answering phones or by becoming a second on-air voice and co-produce a show, email us for more information.

Playlists Online

Are you interested in an artist we played on the air? You can now search playlists by song title, band name, CD title or label.

WWOZ Swamp Shop

The 'OZ Swamp Shop is open and chock full of WWOZ gear.

New Orleans Music Calendar

There’s live music in locations all around New Orleans. We’ve got a music calendar online.

Pledge / Renew Now

Support WWOZ - and the music you love!

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