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Ben Schenck arrived in New Orleans in 1988 with a clarinet, a bicycle, and $100 in his pocket, on a pilgrimage to live within the music of the city. And over three decades his fascination with New Orleans and Caribbean rhythms combined with his forays into music from Eastern Europe and beyond, creating a mix of styles that's still rooted in New Orleans jazz. In this episode of New Orleans Calling, Ben sits down on his porch with our host George Ingmire, and demonstrates these fascinating and related rhythms from around the world -- followed by a special exclusive live performance, of Ben's Panorama Jazz Band recorded at the historic Basin Street Station.

Ben described hearing the Young Tuxedo Brass Band in Washington DC in the 1980s, and feeling the pull of their New Orleans sound and rhythm.

Ben Schenck was a founding member of the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars. He moved on in the 1990s, but the band still continues -- and in addition to Ben, the band has featured many important New Orleans musicians, including Jonathan Freilich, Glenn Hartman, Stanton Moore, Arthur Kastler, Robert Wagner, and many others.

Ben eventually formed the Panorama Jazz Band, which during Carnival time also takes to the streets as the Panorama Brass Band.


U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps - "Caravan" (bed)
The Young Tuxedo Brass Band - "Panama" (bed)
Rebirth Brass Band - "Let Me Do My Thing"
Duo Peylet-Cuniot - "Happy Nigun" (bed)
New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars - "Struttin' With Some Doner Kabob" (bed)
New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars - "Odessa Bulgarish" (bed)
New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars - "The New Year's Suite" (bed)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Sous Les Tropiques"
Tony Green - "Bolero" (bed)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Sunny Side Of The Street" (bed)
Professor Longhair - "Longhair's Blues Rhumba"
Panorama Jazz Band - "Pani Ti Moun"
Indians of the Nation - "White Cloud Hunters" (bed)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Mettez I Dehro" (bed)
Caribbean Revels - "Notre Dame de 7 Doleurs" (bed)
Moshe (Musa) Berlin - "Bulgar" (bed)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Ladja, Ladja"
Panorama Jazz Band - "Chororo" (recorded live at Basin St Station)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Cuando El Mundo Comenzó" (recorded live at Basin St Station)
Panorama Jazz Band - "Renee" (recorded live at Basin St Station)

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Live From Basin St. Station is made possible by a partnership between WWOZ and the historic Basin St. Station. Live recording produced by Damond Jacob. Special thanks to Michael, Bubby, and Jay Valentino, Laura Tennyson, and Khalid Hafiz.

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