Getting Airplay for Your CD on WWOZ

In order to help you get your music on WWOZ, there are many things that you should think about. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about getting your CD played on the air.

Does WWOZ play your kind of music?

There are many styles of Louisiana music that we do play on WWOZ and some that we don't. Exploring our program schedule can give you an idea of where your music would fit in.

What shows on WWOZ play your kind of music?

If it is from an artist that lives in Louisiana, the "New Orleans Music Show" is a good start. To get more familiar with the specific musical focus of the different show hosts, have a look at some of their recent playlists.

Can I send you an mp3, or have you visit my web site and get it there?

We generally don't play mp3s on the air, so a CD is what we are looking for. If the show host doesn't have to download it in order to put it on the air, it is much more likely that your music will get played. If you do send us a digital file, please use .wav-- we need the best quality possible to play over the air. 

Do I need to have a finished CD project?

Generally yes, but there are many musicians who will stop by to let people hear their latest recorded song before it is officially released. Your CD should ideally be the finished project, with a cover letter describing the CD and the way it came about, who is on it, where you are performing next and anything else you would like us to know. It's even better if the best cut on the CD is the first one, the cuts are numbered, and any profanities in songs are clearly marked so they won't get airplay.

My CD is done, who should I send it to?

Our mailing address is: WWOZ, c/o Music Director, P.O. Box 51840, New Orleans, LA 70151. If you want to drop off your CD, our physical address is: Jax Brewery, 600 Decatur St, Suite 350, New Orleans LA 70130

Is one copy enough?

Not normally. If you really are serious about airplay, then you should be prepared to spread as many CDs around to the show hosts as possible. Does that mean one for every host? No, but at least one for each New Orleans Music Show host and any others who you think might play your Louisiana CD. If it is a jazz CD, there are a lot of shows that play jazz. Please also include one specifically for the WWOZ library so that future DJs will always have access to the recording.

Will it help if I tell all my friends to call up and request my CD?

While this might be a good tactic for some of the larger, commercial stations, WWOZ show hosts tend to be pretty familiar with their listener base and have a pretty good sense of when people are trying to "stuff the ballot box."

What should I do when I hear my music played on the air?

Call or email the DJ's. Many of our DJs appreciate positive feedback and you may begin a conversation/relationship that could benefit you in the future. 

If you are a local musician or club with a gig to promote, you might be interested in reading about how to submit your event to the Livewire Music Calendar.

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