George Wilde

Sun, 06/16/24

Justin Donovan

Mon, 05/27/24

Hex Windham

Mon, 05/27/24
Hex Windham is a singer-songwriter who cut his teeth playing in punk bands in New Orleans dive bars. He still plays dive bars but has also branched out to playing at farmer’s markets and outdoor festivals. Expect to hear fingerpicking, bottleneck slide, and harmonica across... Read more

Taylor Mroski

Tue, 04/09/24
Taylor Mroski is a professional bassist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. He studied bass at Loyola University, learning from Ed Wise, Jesse Boyd, and Roland Guerin. Today he plays freelance in New Orleans. Taylor grew up playing electric and upright bass. He c... Read more

Gregg Hill

Tue, 04/09/24
New Orleans based Singer-Songwriter, Gregg Hill is scripting the song of his life with a voice often from another age. Hill’s sixth record released in September of 2023 titled Bayou St. John, features Roland Guerin, Joy Clark, and Doug Belote. It is a departure from earlie... Read more

The RamBull Rompers

Tue, 04/09/24
The RamBull Rompers are a New Orleans based duo, featuring multi-instrumentalist songwriters Rose Cangelosi and Natalie Mae Palms. Since early 2021, they have joined forces of friendship and musical camaraderie. Their voices weave together so intricately, many can't tell th... Read more

Dusky Waters

Tue, 04/09/24
Dusky Waters is the project founded by singer-songwriter Jennifer Jeffers. Dusky Waters enchants listeners with intricate layers of melodies and stories told through soulful lyricism. Dusky represents the most magical time of da and Waters describes the Mississippi from whi... Read more

Shawan Rice

Tue, 04/09/24
Soul Songstress, Shawan Rice, invites the crowd into her world with her poetic lyrics and haunting melodies. Drawing inspiration from her life experiences ranging from; love, loss, grief and acceptance, concertgoers easily connect to her sound and story. The vulnerable and ... Read more

Max Bien Kahn

Tue, 04/09/24
Max Bien Kahn's music is like partying to someone's diary. Bien Kahn brings depth, humor, and honesty to personal songwriting, which he sets to arrangements that get in your body and mkae you want to move. Blending elements of swamp pop, 60s rock, folk, and modern indie roc... Read more

Bobbi Rae

Tue, 04/09/24
While many musicians strive to create the kind of music that lives forever within our mind and bodies, only a few can create timeless treasures to touch a chord within our very being, and Bobbi Rae is such that artist. Bio Provided by FQF Inc. Read more

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