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Published on: June 11th, 2016


Just Before Debuting as Annette and the Afterbeats

On Saturday at midnight until Sunday 3am, it is music you've never heard by musicians you've never heard of....  From the 50s to the 70s - all the non-hits (but the music that fundamentally influenced the music you grew up with).  


With that format, a program guide comes in handy.  Here's some links to the music for tonight's show:


Andrew Oldham Orchestra:


Prince Jesse


Bobby Hodge (Wisconsin Rockabilly)


Paul Kirk


The Delicates


Connie Landers / Dacrons:


And the closely related Billy Mure:


Hula Monsters:


Emil Smak


Jackie Gotroe


The Four Wheels:


Inflammable Dan


Harold Jackson

The Freedom Riders:


Billy Barton


Billy Bland


John Fred


Bob Moore and the temps


And at the time this was made, the 15 year old was noticed as a Mouseketeer so they tried generating more revenue from her as a singer with this song:


Tall Paul / Annette Funicello

Richard and Robert Sherman (pictured above with Annette) wrote the song "Tall Paul" with Bob Roberts - and it was first recorded by a former Mouseketeer named Judy Harriet on the tiny Surf Records label. Released in the summer of 1958, Judy's record went nowhere. Undaunted, the Sherman brothers mailed 1,000 copies of Judy's record to rock-and-roll radio stations all around the country. One of those records wound up in a radio station in New Jersey. By chance, a representative of the Disney music company named Mo Preskell was at the station looking for a song that could launch the recording career of yet another Mousketeer - Annette Funicello. Annette was 15 years old, and was the most popular of the Mouseketeers. She had only 5 months to go on her contract with Disney, and time was of the essence. The song had to be something for the teenage market, and a song a girl could sing. Annette's record of "Tall Paul" was released in December of 1958, and became the Sherman's first smash hit - and the first of 36 songs they wrote for Annette!

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