WWOZ Statement of Principles

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Published on: March 14th, 2016

An expanded, narrative version of these principles from WWOZ Board is available here.

We are in the middle of our Spring Pledge Drive and thought we’d be sure you know what we are asking you to support. Here is a summary of WWOZ’s basic principles:

  1. WWOZ’s mission is, has been and will always be "to be the worldwide voice, archive, and flag-bearer of New Orleans culture and musical heritage" - preserving and presenting our unique cultural heritage.
  2. Localism is at the center of all we do. Our local audience is primary.
  3. Community radio is our core. Volunteer DJs and the even larger group of volunteers behind the scenes are the soul of the station. We seek to continually expand that tent to best reflect the rich tapestry of our city and region.
  4. Our content choices are independent of our fundraising activities. Decisions about what we air – whether by volunteer or professional staff – are solely curatorial. We gladly welcome support for who we are, but vigilantly separate that from any influence over programming.

WWOZ has always been committed to being the voice of New Orleans’ rich, roots music, and will always be. We strive to reflect a dynamic and creative community, preserving what is best from the past, reflecting what is current and remaining alert and engaged with what is ahead.

Comments or other thoughts? Send them to: comments@wwoz.org.

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